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Career Decision Making. HSII-Unit 1.01. Health Science Career Cluster Pathways. Therapeutic Services Diagnostic Services Health Informatics Support Services Biotechnology Research & Development. Therapeutic Services.

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Health science career cluster pathways
Health Science Career Cluster Pathways

  • Therapeutic Services

  • Diagnostic Services

  • Health Informatics

  • Support Services

  • Biotechnology Research & Development

Therapeutic services
Therapeutic Services

  • Therapeutic services personnel are involved in changing the health status of the patient and other clients over a period of time.

Diagnostic services
Diagnostic Services

  • Diagnostic services personnel create a picture of the health status of the patient and other clients at a single point in time.

Health informatics
Health Informatics

  • Health informatics personnel document the patient’s care

Support services
Support Services

  • Support services personnel create a therapeutic environment for providing patient care.

Biotechnology research development
Biotechnology Research & Development

  • Biotechnology research and development personnel are involved in bioscience research and development that applies to human health.

Which pathway is right for me
Which pathway is right for me?

  • Begin by performing a health career decision making self-assessment

  • Look at your:

    • Abilities- competence in an activity or occupation because of one’s skill training, or other qualifications

    • Interests- something that concerns, involves, draws the attention of, or arouses the curiosity of a person

    • Values- Relative worth, merit, or importance. The ideals imparted by society which have an affective regard-either positive or negative

Investigate educational requirements
Investigate Educational Requirements

  • Levels of Education

    • Associates Degree-awarded by a vocational-technical school or community college after successful completion of a two-year course of study or equivalent

    • Bachelor’s Degree- awarded by a college or university after a person has completed a 4-year course of study or its equivalent

    • Master’s Degree- awarded by a college or university after completion of one or more years of prescribed study beyond a Bachelor’s degree

    • Doctorate Degree- awarded by a college or university after completion of a prescribed course of study beyond a Master’s Degree. Usually 1-2 years. Some require additional 4-6 years of training/study

Don t forget to consider the credentialing requirements for a career
Don’t Forget to Consider the Credentialing requirements for a Career

  • Certification: the issuing of a statement or certificate by a professional organization to a person who has met the requirements of education and/or performance and who meets the standards set by the organization. “The person is certified”

  • Licensure: process by which a government agency authorizes individuals to work in a given occupation. Person must pass a state mandated board exam and maintain certain standards. “The person is licensed.”

  • Registration: process whereby a regulatory body in a given healthcare area administers examinations and/or maintains a list of qualified personnel. “The person is registered.”

Career interest survey
Career Interest Survey for a Career


After completing the survey
After Completing the Survey: for a Career

  • Pick one of the careers listed on the survey that matched your interests

  • Research your career using theNC Health Career Book provided in the classroom

  • Create a Brochure including the following information:

    • Brief summary of career (1-2 sentences)

    • Education Requirements

    • Career Pathway

    • Entry Level Wage hourly & annual

    • Average annual openings

    • Credentialing Requirements

      **Due Tomorrow at the Beginning of Class**

      Be Ready to Present your Brochure