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Effective Email Marketing

Effective Email Marketing. Simon Hill Extravision www.extravision.com. About Extravision. Established 2001 Email Marketing Agency and ESP Based in Manchester Specialise in B2B email marketing Email strategy and design www.extravision.com. About me. Co-founder of Extravision

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Effective Email Marketing

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  1. Effective Email Marketing Simon Hill Extravision www.extravision.com ontheedge@extravision.com

  2. About Extravision • Established 2001 • Email Marketing Agency and ESP • Based in Manchester • Specialise in B2B email marketing • Email strategy and design • www.extravision.com ontheedge@extravision.com

  3. About me • Co-founder of Extravision • Technical Director and email consultant • DMA Email Council and Best practice hub • Working in Email over 10 years • uk.linkedin.com/in/simonphill/ • @sphill10 ontheedge@extravision.com

  4. What we will cover • How to improve your data acquisition and make sure you’re legal at the same time • Ideas that can help your campaigns create more impact across all devices • What can be done to help get your message into the users inbox • Which stats are important and how successful has your campaign really been ontheedge@extravision.com

  5. Email marketing is like parenting • Everyone has advice on how to bring up your children and what is best for them. • The same is true in email marketing • Some things are just common sense • No concrete rules about what will work for your email campaigns • Your business is unique and so are its campaigns ontheedge@extravision.com

  6. Why email marketing ? • Number of email accounts will increase to over 3.8 billion by 2014 (The Radicati Group, Inc) • 1.5 billion Twitter users • 1.1 billion Facebook users • 175 million LinkedIn users ontheedge@extravision.com

  7. ontheedge@extravision.com

  8. Why email marketing ? • 188 billion emails sent per day worldwide (excluding 106 billion spam messages) August 2011 • 140 million tweets – 0.74% • 60 million Facebook updates – 0.03% http://blogs.smartertools.com/2011/08/29/the-value-of-email/ ontheedge@extravision.com

  9. Why email marketing ? DMA National Client EmailReport 2013 ontheedge@extravision.com

  10. Why email marketing • “Anyone without an email address is the digital equivalent of homeless “ Dela Quist - CEO Alchemy Worx ontheedge@extravision.com

  11. How to improve your data acquisition and make sure you’re legal at the same time ontheedge@extravision.com

  12. Data Collection • Don’t waste time using outdatedor junk data. • Spamtraps and blacklisting • Start at data collection and grow organically • Only collect the data you need • Record the data capture date ontheedge@extravision.com

  13. Data Hygiene • Double opt in • barrier to list growth • http://www.magillreport.com/Why-Fully-Confirmed-Opt-In-Sucks/ • Welcome message • Validate data input – leadspend.com • Double entry email – waste of time • CAPTCHA - annoying ontheedge@extravision.com

  14. Spam traps • 3 types • Honeypots – created by Blacklist providers • Zombie accounts – once active accounts • Typotraps – mistyped domains • Very difficult to identify and remove once on your list. ontheedge@extravision.com

  15. Data Hygiene • Clean your lists regularly – avoid spamtraps • Remove bounces • Remove typo’s • Possible harvested addresses • Unsubscribes via other channels i.e. fbl’s • Inactive subscribers ontheedge@extravision.com

  16. Data Hygiene ontheedge@extravision.com

  17. Data collection • Positive action opt-in (the checkbox is initially unchecked) required by EU law unless soft opt-in • Include a link to your privacy policy • Email syntax validation • Send a welcome email ontheedge@extravision.com

  18. Ideas that can help your campaigns create more impact across all devices ontheedge@extravision.com

  19. How many images should we use ? • Depends on your brand – fashion vs IT • 2 schools of thought • no images, no sense, download images to see the content • Optimised for no images with alt tags, people can still read your message and click links ontheedge@extravision.com

  20. Email Mosaics • When people have images turned off • HTML tables that impersonate images. • Convey message without images • Promote interest • Can go viral ontheedge@extravision.com

  21. Email Mosaics • Easter egg http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Easter_egg_%28media%29 • Go to google.com • Type “google gravity” and then select “I’m feeling lucky” ontheedge@extravision.com

  22. ontheedge@extravision.com

  23. ontheedge@extravision.com

  24. Images turned on Sony campaign by Alchemy Worx (www.alchemyworx.com) ontheedge@extravision.com

  25. Images turned off Sony campaign by Alchemy Worx (www.alchemyworx.com) ontheedge@extravision.com

  26. Pros/cons of mosaics • Increase message size • Use style alt tags instead • 2 creative options in one email • Look at our recipients • www.emailonacid.com ontheedge@extravision.com

  27. Pre-header • The text at the top of an email before the content • Usually online version, unsubscribe • Super subject line ontheedge@extravision.com

  28. Pre-headers ontheedge@extravision.com

  29. Pre-headers ontheedge@extravision.com

  30. Subject lines • Grab attention – newspaper headline • Arguments for both long and short • Consider your audience • Combination of subject line and message content is the key ontheedge@extravision.com

  31. Subject lines ontheedge@extravision.com

  32. litmus.com ontheedge@extravision.com

  33. litmus.com ontheedge@extravision.com

  34. Subject lines • Special characters in subject lines http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miscellaneous_Symbols • Don’t be afraid to use • FREE, OFFER, Capitalisation etc. • Hashtag in subject line ? ontheedge@extravision.com

  35. The Obama email campaign • $690 million in online donations ontheedge@extravision.com

  36. The Obama email campaign • Create 4 to 6 messages for every day. • Send each message with 3 different subject line • Large test cells of 50,000 contacts • Goal metric – donations ontheedge@extravision.com

  37. The Obama email campaign • Test send around 7am and a winner picked about 60 to 90 minutes later • The winner went to the remaining database, but some segments received slight variations on the winner depending on their donation history. ontheedge@extravision.com

  38. Email design for mobile • “80% of people will delete an email on a mobile device if it doesn’t look good” http://www.bluehornet.com/news/full/new-survey-reveals-shifting-consumer-views-on-email-marketing • The question was ““If you get a mobile email that doesn’t look good then what do you do ?” ontheedge@extravision.com

  39. Email design for mobile • If you are sending html emails then you already have a mobile email strategy • Concentrate efforts on your website • Look at your own stats before optimising for mobile devices ontheedge@extravision.com

  40. Optimising for mobile • Mobile first design • Responsive design ontheedge@extravision.com

  41. Mobile first design • Luke Wroblewskihttp://www.lukew.com/resources/mobile_first.asp • Normally design for desktop and adapt for mobile • Focus on what is important to the user • Single design for all devices ontheedge@extravision.com

  42. Mobile first design • Design for touchscreen • Apple’s human interface guidelines state that the minimum size for a click-able area should be 22x44px • Design for the screen size • Single column 320 px , full width images ontheedge@extravision.com

  43. ontheedge@extravision.com

  44. ontheedge@extravision.com

  45. ontheedge@extravision.com

  46. Responsive Design • Uses CSS3 @media to render different layouts • Requires 2 designs • Can be complex coding to implement • Does work on all mobile devices ontheedge@extravision.com

  47. ontheedge@extravision.com

  48. ontheedge@extravision.com

  49. ontheedge@extravision.com

  50. What can be done to help get your message into the users inbox ontheedge@extravision.com

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