tablet pc forms use in health care l.
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Tablet PC Forms Use in Health Care PowerPoint Presentation
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Tablet PC Forms Use in Health Care

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Tablet PC Forms Use in Health Care - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tablet PC Forms Use in Health Care . Mike Griffin James Stapleton Sapan Shah. Problem.

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tablet pc forms use in health care

Tablet PC Forms Use in Health Care

Mike Griffin

James Stapleton

Sapan Shah

  • When you are admitted into a healthcare office, there is an enormous amount of paperwork that must be filled out and then entered into the computer. This consumes a lot of valuable time otherwise more well spent.
  • Use the TabletPC to bypass the two step process of filling out and entering data. The two steps can be combined, thus making the paperwork time more efficient.
  • Also, reduces the need for filing cabinets and storage, everything is stored in a centralized database.
  • Data entry, quickly and easily
  • Save and retrieve data for future use
  • Design “Form Builder” to allow easy form creation
xml language
XML Language

<?xml version="1.0" ?>

- <doc type="form" name="nursing_assement" layout="flowlayout">

- <page isVisible="true" title="Student Information" name="stInfo">

<label text="Teacher Name:" name="lblTName" x="0" y="0" width="150" height="50" />

<inkbox name="txtTName" x="150" y="0" width="200" height="50" />

<label text="Student Name:" name="lblSName" x="0" y="101" width="150" height="50" />

<inkbox name="txtSName" x="150" y="101" width="200" height="50" />

<label text="Date of Care" name="lblDoc" x="0" y="201" width="150" height="50" />

<inkbox name="txtDoc" x="150" y="201" width="200" height="50" />


- <page isVisible="true" title="Patient Information" name="Info">

<label text="Admission Date:" name="lblAdate" x="0" y="0" width="150" height="50" />

<inkbox name="txtADate" x="150" y="0" height="50" width="200" />

<label text="Age:" name="lblAge" x="0" y="51" width="150" height="50" />

<inkbox name="txtAge" x="150" y="51" width="200" height="50" />

<label text="Gender:" name="lblGender" x="0" y="101" width="150" height="50" />

- <dropdown type="normal" name="ddGender" width="200" height="150" x="150" y="101">

<item value="F" text="Female" />

<item value="M" text="Male" />


<label text="Material Status:" name="lblMStat" x="0" y="151" width="150" height="50" />

- <dropdown type="normal" name="ddMStatus" label="Matirial Status" width="200" height="150" x="150" y="151" lWidth="100">

<item value="S" text="Single" />

<item value="M" text="Married" />

<item value="D" text="Divorced" />

<item value="SP" text="Seperate" />

<item value="W" text="Widowed" />


dynamic database
Dynamic Database
  • Implemented XML Database
  • Allowed for expandability for other database options
    • SQL Database
    • CSV Database
    • RTF Database
dynamic controls
Dynamic Controls
  • Implemented standard controls
    • Textbox, Label, Radiobox, Checkbox, Combobox, Date/Time
  • Created custom control API to allow for dynamic controls
    • Grid, Speech, Ink
in the future
In the Future …
  • More user-friendly GUI for Form Builder
    • Drag and Drop capability
    • Resize controls using window handles
    • Auto-align controls
    • Implement an UNDO function
  • RFID populating of form data
  • Printing of data