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The tablet PC

By: Abdullah Tabasidah Grade 8A I.T. The tablet PC. Introduction.

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The tablet PC

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  1. By: Abdullah Tabasidah Grade 8A I.T. The tablet PC

  2. Introduction In this following Power point I will show what is a Tablet PC and what can it do. I will also define the How does the Tablet enhance our learning and what is the problem that us as students are facing with it in school. Plus I will show the benefits and limitations.

  3. What IS A TabLet? • In general terms, tablet PC refers to a laptop or slate-shaped mobile computer, or Pen computing device, equipped with a touch screen to operate the computer with a or digital pen, or a fingertip, instead of a keyboard or mouse. Her is a picture showing how a tablet Pc looks like and one way of operating it by touching: There are Many electronic industries that Produce Tablet Pc’s such as Compaq, HP, And Acer. But mainly the best Tablet Comes From HP.

  4. How Can It Enhance our Learning? (Benefits) • This technology plays a key role in order to improve the students’ academic performance supported by mobile Tablet PC technology • Tablet PC’s do everything a laptop does PLUS you can draw in the screen, then the next obvious question becomes, "How does this help me in class?“ • First of all it is called a notebook and a tablet pc because you can flip the screen and turn it to be like a book and then you can write or take notes easily when writing with the tablets pen. • After writing you can save the files that you wrote in the tablet itself • You can easily incorporate media into the classroom • It is easy to carry around because of its lightweight.

  5. Tablet Pc writing This is how writing looks like with the Tablet PC:

  6. Limitations Every thing with benefits Must have limitations Here are the following limitations on the Tablet (Generally) : • A tablet Pc does not provide room for a wrist rest while the screen is in the handwriting/touch configuration • Screen damage risk- it is likely that the screen gets damaged when turning it roughly • Input speed — handwriting can be slower than typing normally with the keyboard. So it is kind of hard to draw with it.

  7. Identifying The Problem • The teachers cannot trust students when they have a device that has access to games and download applications that can be downloaded of the internet. this is the problem that needs solving. how can the teachers have trust in us in school while handling the tablet Pc in school. So this problem needs a solution so this is the solution:

  8. The solution The solutions are all back in previous slides were I showed how the tablet Pc can enhance our learning. Without it we can get in really sticky situation sometimes with papers and too much books. So I cant think of a solution but that only teachers must get the trust from them from the relation between they teachers and us students that we are going to use the Tablet as we are supposed to do in the class. Or maybe we can earn there trust by showing them how we use the tablets the right way by finishing homework or class work using the Tablet and then showing it to the teacher.

  9. By: Abdullah Tabasidah Thank You For Watching

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