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Demand and popular types of industrial valves PowerPoint Presentation
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Demand and popular types of industrial valves

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Demand and popular types of industrial valves - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Demand and popular types of industrial valves

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  1. Valves Manufacturers India

  2. Valves Manufacturers India Valves are the most important parts of multiple processing in every industry and any pipeline for regulating the flow of liquid, water and gas. The valves are categories in different size, shapes and designs. Today valves are used in different industrial applications for different purposes. Reputed manufacturers of valves are always making valves from high quality materials and follow the international standard terms. There are many uses of valves like water controlling, controlling processes in industries and also used in many home applications. Valves are widely used in military and transportation sectors.

  3. Raw Materials Of Valve Different types of raw materials are used to make valves ● Cast Iron ● Cast Steel ● Bronze ● Special Alloy ● Brass ● Aluminum ● Ductile Cast Iron ● Stainless Steel ● Cast Iron Lining

  4. Demand of Valves In Industries Today's valves demand are increasing in many Industries. The major use of valves in following areas. ● ● ● ● ● Oil & Gas Industries Chemical Industries Power Industries Pharmaceutical Industries Food Industries The Global industrial valve market is USD 65.00 billion in the last year (2015) and market is expected to reach USD 88.4 billion in 2021.

  5. Demand of Valves In Industries

  6. Popular Valves Types For Different Industries There are different types of valves are available in the market that used for different purposes for different industrial applications. Some famous valves are, ● Globe Valves ● Ball Valves ● Check Valves ● Gate Valves ● Plug Valves ● Forged Steel valves ● Butterfly Valves

  7. Difference Between Forging And Casting Valves There are different types of valves are used in different processing system. Manufacturing process of all valves are not same such as forging and casting valves. Forging and casting both are widely used to make different types of industrial valves, but manufacturing techniques are not same of casting and forging valves. Casting Valves : - Casting works with the fluid way of a metal to make waves. The casting metals are easily added into various shapes after melting down into a molten liquid. Casting is the best materials to make waves in different size, shapes and design. Casting valves methods are less extensive than the alternative and cost effective valves.

  8. Difference Between Forging And Casting Valves Forging Valves : - Industrial forged valves are well designed using the forging method. Forging is a common forming process that is widely used in machinery. Forging can remove cast reduce and welding gaps in metal. The forging valves can be defined in hot forging and cold forging valves. Hot forging can performed under the heat range, which is greater than the crystallization heat range of metal. Forged valves are strong valves types that easily manage high temperature and pressure system.

  9. Valves Manufacturers and Exporters India GM Engineering is engaged in manufacturing and exporting of different types of valves such as industrial ball valves, butterfly valves, globe valves, forged steel valves, check valves and plug valves. Our valves are cost effective, long life working and highly durable. Our qualified expert manufacturer of valves are well designed all types of valves in industrial standard size, shapes and design. We also offer best custom solution of valves as per client requirements. We are exporting our valves products in Indian market as well as international market and we offer the best deals and services. For more details contact our expert industrial valves manufacturers and exporters team.

  10. Valves Solution Point India G M ENGINEERING PRIVATE LIMITED Plot No: 2632, G.I.D.C., Lodhika, Metoda - 360 021 (Rajkot) Gujarat, India Phone No: - +91 2827 287658 Email ID: - Website: -