5 types of manual valves
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5 Types Of Manual Valves

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5 Types Of Manual Valves - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Manual valves are devices are used when a straight flow of fluid and minimum restriction is required. These devices help in allowing or stopping the flow through valve either by closing or opening the gate. Consists of a body and bonnet, the closure element is attached to a stem that maintains an interface with a hand wheel. There are various types of manual valves that the Ball Valves Supplier offers.
ball valves
Ball Valves

Ball valves offer great shut-off capabilities where a simple quarter-turn of 90° completely opens and closes the valve. Ball Valves Supplier offers valves that minimizes the operation time and decreases the leakage chances due to wear from the gland seal.

butterfly valves
Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are simple in construction with the design where they have face-to-face dimension which is extremely small. It is light in weight and compact design because of the materials used for the valving element and sealing. These are often used on applications for water and air, and in applications with large pipe diameters.

globe valves
Globe Valves

Suitable for variety of applications starting from flow rate control to opening and closing operations, amongst all needle type globe valves are particularly well suited for flow rate control. The flow rate control in this type of valve is not determined by the size of the opening in the valve seat but by the lift of the valve plug.

gate valves
Gate Valves

These are much similar to the floodgate where the flow is controlled by raising or lowering the valving element. It is available in three different types which is solid, flexible and split.

diaphragm valves
Diaphragm Valves

These valves stop the valve flow using a flexible diaphragm. Available in two types weir and straightway where weir-type is most popular. Straight-way requires additional stretching of the diaphragm which shortens the diaphragm's life-span, thus, it is less popular.

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