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7 Days Gm Diet Meal Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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7 Days Gm Diet Meal Plan

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7 Days Gm Diet Meal Plan
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7 Days Gm Diet Meal Plan

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  1. GM Diet Magic 7 Days GM Diet Meal Plan

  2. GM Diet Meal Plan This is a seven day plan that restricts eating, processed and sugar foods encouraging exercise. Participants should exercise at least ten minutes a day, strictly following the guidelines. The program is designed for a target weight loss of 5-6 kg per week and can be followed by any person of any age. The effectiveness of this seven day plan is due to the fact that the food eaten can burn more calories than they give to the body in caloric value. Basically, this entire plan has been designed and developed from the ground up to produce stunning weight loss in a hurry – by helping you eat: Much more effective In a healthful way www.gmdietmagic.com

  3. Day 1: • On day one, also known as adjustment, you are going to want to focus on getting down the basics. You will be able to eat: • Pure Water (Avoid Juices) • Fruits (Almost any except bananas) • You should be looking for some apples and a couple of glasses of water for breakfast, and then switching to other fruits like watermelon at lunchtime, all by following up with even more of these in the evening. www.gmdietmagic.com

  4. Day 2: • Avoid oil and juices as much you can. • Drink lots of water. • Eating baked potatoes will help you to go through this really hard period. www.gmdietmagic.com

  5. Day 3: On day three, you should go for: • Fresh fruits (No Banana) • Vegetables (No Potato) • Only water is recommended Eating fruit in the morning and finishing the evening off with fresh vegetables should be a pleasant experience for you. www.gmdietmagic.com

  6. Day 4: On day four, you are allowed to have: • Bananas • GM Soup • Milk • Water This one is all about fruit in the morning and then the special General Motors soup in the evening – and a couple of bananas if you are feeling a bit bored avoiding everything. www.gmdietmagic.com

  7. Day 5: On day five, you are free to have: • Water • Tomatoes • Lean meat or brown rice This one is very similar to day four, but now you’re not allowed to drink milk – you have to continue to drink water. Also, you can begin to consume small amounts of lean meat – integrating them into your lunch or dinner. www.gmdietmagic.com

  8. Day 6: On day six, you can have: • GM soup • Plenty of vegetables • Some Lean Meat • Lots of water Finally, this is going to bring about more and more vegetables, as you’ll want to eliminate as much of the fruit and glucose that you can before we really hit the “home stretch”. Meat can be enjoyed as well, and don’t forget about the special General Motors soup. www.gmdietmagic.com

  9. Day 7: This is the last and final stage of the GM Diet plan, and it includes: • Brown Rice • Vegetables • Fruit Juice Finally, we hit the homestretch with day seven. This is where we begin to eat brown rice, combined with fruits, veggies, and even a bit of meat – really pushing out the extra fat from our bodies in the process. www.gmdietmagic.com

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