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Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 – A Technical Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 – A Technical Overview

Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 – A Technical Overview

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Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 – A Technical Overview

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  1. Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 – A Technical Overview Kevin Remde IT Pro Evangelist – Microsoft Corporation

  2. Session Objectives And Takeaways • Learn about the new features of System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 • Understand the benefits of SCVMM 2008 • Understand how SCVMM 2008 can benefit both Microsoft and VMware virtualization infrastructures

  3. What Is Virtualization? Without Virtualization With Virtualization Virtualization Issues Interface bound to process Virtual Presentation Presentation layer separate from process Infrastructure Personal profiles and settingsbound to OS Virtual Profiles Personal profiles/settings separate from OS Management Applications installed to Specific hardware and OS Virtual Applications Any application on any computer on-demand Licensing Operating System assigned to specific hardware Virtual Machine OS can be assigned to any desktop or server Interoperability Storage assigned to specific locations Virtual Storage Storage and backup over the network Support Network assigned to specificlocations Virtual Network Localizing dispersed resources Virtualization is the isolation of one computing resource from others

  4. Microsoft Virtualization: From the Datacenter to the Desktop User State Virtualization Document redirection Offline files Server Virtualization Presentation Virtualization Desktop Virtualization Application Virtualization

  5. Managing The Server Lifecycle Hardware Provisioning Backup • Live host level virtual machine backup • In guest consistency • Rapid recovery Patch management and deployment OS and application configuration management Software upgrades Server Management Suite Enterprise Virtual Workload Provisioning Disaster Recovery End to end service management Server and application health monitoring & management Performance reporting and analysis Virtual machine management Server consolidation and resource utilization optimization Conversions: P2V and V2V OS / Software Deploy, Patching and State Mgmt Performance and Health Monitoring

  6. A centralized, heterogeneous management solution for the virtual datacenter. • Maximize Resources • Centralized virtual machine deployment and management for Hyper-V, Virtual Server, and VMware ESX servers • Intelligent placement of Virtual Machines • Fast and reliable P2V and V2V conversion • Comprehensive application and service-level monitoring with Operations Manager • Integrated Performance and Resource Optmization (PRO) of VMs • Increase Agility • Rapid provisioning of new and virtual machines with templates • Centralized library of infrastructure components • Leverage and extend existing storage infrastructure and clusters • Allow for delegated management and access of VMs • Leverage Skills • Familiar interface, common foundation • Monitor physical and virtual machines from one console • Fully scriptable using Windows PowerShell

  7. System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 VirtualMachines Hyper-VCluster VMwareserver Context Sensitive Actions Filters Live Thumbnail VMInformation ManagementSelection

  8. VMM 2008 Architecture Administrator’s Console Self Service Web Portal Operator’s Console Web Console Windows PowerShell Windows® PowerShell Connector • Virtual Machine Manager • Server Operations Manager Server Management Interfaces Virtual Server Host VMM Library Server VMware VI3 Virtual Center Server ESX Host VM VM VM VM VM VM Template VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM VM ISO VHD Script SAN Storage

  9. Demo SCVMM 2008 Overview

  10. System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008

  11. VMware Management • Driven by customer demand • Unified management experience • Physical and Virtual • Hyper-V and VMware • Complete virtual machine management • VMotion, Resource Pools, etc. • Enhanced capabilities • Intelligent Placement • Library • PowerShell • PRO application aware calibration

  12. Demo Common Management for Hyper-V and VMWare

  13. Conversions: P2V And V2V • Intuitive and easy to use tools provide • Core feature of VMM, no additional infrastructure or costs per conversion • Wizard based experience • Reconfigure storage, memory, CPU, etc. • Efficient disk copy • Preserves network settings and MAC addresses • Automatable through PowerShell • Supported platforms • Live – Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2008 • Offline – Windows 2000 Server • SMP and x64 sources

  14. Library • Repository for all VM building blocks • VHDs • Offline VMs • ISOs • Sysprep Answer Files • PowerShell Scripts with Run option • Templates • Use centralized or distributed Windows files servers as libraries • Move/copy/delete/modify files directly in the file system • VMM tracks changes and provides physical and logical view • VMM stamps objects with a Id to uniquely track the object

  15. Demo SCVMM 2008 Library

  16. Delegation And Self Service • Administrators control access through policies which designate capabilities • Delegated Administrators • Manage a scoped environment • Self service user • Web user interface • Manage their own VMs • Quota to limit VMs • Scripting through PowerShell

  17. Demo User Roles The Self Service Portal

  18. Capacity planning technology ensures best resource utilization Star rated results for easy decision making Customizable algorithm to achieve your goals Applicable to both Microsoft and VMware hosts Intelligent Placement

  19. Intelligent Placement Details Host Performance and Configuration Physical Disk and Memory Requirements Result of Disk Capacity and Memory Check Disk Capacity and Memory Check Rating Function Configuration Existing Load VM CPU, Network, and Disk Load Normalized Host + VM Load Capacity Planning Technology Configuration

  20. VM Deployment And Storage Integration • LAN based deployment via BITS • Cluster Based Migration – Hyper-VandVMware • Integration with VDS for Fiber Channel and iSCSI based migrations • NPIV solution for fiber channel SANs • N-Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) is an ANSI/INCITS T11 standard • Allows a physical port to acquire multiple SAN addresses • Enables SAN best practices: Each virtual machine is independently Zoned, and LUNs are mapped and masked using dedicated World Wide Port Names (WWPNs)

  21. SAN Based VM Migration with VDS Host A Host B LUN 1 LUN 2 LUN 5 LUN 6 LUN 3 LUN 3 LUN 1 LUN 2 LUN 3 LUN 4 LUN 5 LUN 6

  22. SAN Based VM Migration with NPIV Host A Host B LUN 6 LUN 2 LUN 1 LUN 3 LUN 5 LUN 3 LUN 1 LUN 2 LUN 3 LUN 4 LUN 5 LUN 6

  23. Monitoring • Discovery of Hosts, Virtual Machines and Virtual Machine Manager components • Performance and Health Monitoring, Reports, etc. • Application awareness • Performance and Resource Optimization (PRO)

  24. Workload and application aware resource optimization Extensible through the Operations Manager 2007 MP framework Create policies that VMM acts upon tips automatically or manually Minimize downtime and accelerating time to resolution. Enables partners to deliver value add to our mutual customers Performance & Resource Optimization (PRO)

  25. Demo Operations Manager 2007 Integration

  26. Offline Virtual Machine Servicing Solution Accelerator Identify • Automating patching of virtual machine libraries • Integration and automation with VMM, Configuration Manager (SCCM), and WSUS • Real time status reporting • Installation and use guide Identify the offline VM’s to patch in VMM library Assess Assess the capacity of the maintenance hosts Patch Use ConfgMgr/WSUS to patch Report Report real time servicing status

  27. Offline VM Patching

  28. Unlimited Virtualization with Datacenter Virtual Sessions Per License Unlimited .. 32 16 8 4 1 Standard Enterprise Datacenter Includes host OS: YES YESYES Datacenter Edition makes licensing Windows Server for Virtual Machines easy. Simply license the processors. No need to count, track, or license the virtual machines.

  29. Server Management Suite Enterprise • VMM 2008 is available as part of the System Center Server Management Suite Enterprise (SMSE) • Comprehensive management for physical, virtual, and storage environments, and includes: • System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 • System Center Operations Manager 2007 Enterprise Edition • System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 Enterprise Edition • System Center Configuration Manager 2007 • Provides the rights to manage an unlimited number of operating system environments (“OSEs”) on a physical host server • The Server Management Suite Enterprise is available at a price of ~$1497 USD per physical host. (Requires and automatically includes two years of Software Assurance.) • VMM 2008 is also available as a standalone product

  30. Microsoft Server Virtualization Solution Enabling Key Scenarios Server consolidation Business continuity Dynamic provisioning Integrate virtualization into existing environments and processes Manage virtual & physical and into applications from one toolset At 1/3rd the cost of VMware VMware Microsoft

  31. Managing Dynamic IT Microsoft delivers end-to-end Virtualization solutions… …System Center provides the tools for integrated Infrastructure Management "Virtualization without good management is more dangerous than not using virtualization in the first place" -Thomas Bittman, Gartner

  32. Resources • Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager • Homepage: • Tech Center (for documentation and downloads): • Microsoft Virtualization Homepage • Microsoft System Center Homepage • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Homepage

  33. Online Resources • Web: • • • • • Team Blogs: • • •

  34. Resources • For virtualization • Events • Whitepapers • Downloads • Case Studies • Visit: