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Big Business & Organized Labor

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Big Business & Organized Labor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Big Business & Organized Labor. How did industrialization change the workplace and give rise to labor unions? How did industrialization change the relationship between the worker and boss?. EQ:. Industrialization. Brain Storm. PSD Time!.

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Big Business & Organized Labor

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big business organized labor

Big Business &Organized Labor

How did industrialization change the workplace and give rise to labor unions?

How did industrialization change the relationship between the worker and boss?


psd time
PSD Time!
  • Please take 5 minutes to read and think about the document you were given
  • Think about:
    • The workers’ complaints
    • The workers’ attitudes and perceptions of their bosses
    • What workers’ conditions must have been like
minute spit it
Minute Spit-it
  • Give each person in your small group one minute to talk about their findings
  • Remember:
    • Do not interrupt
    • If minute not filled, must be silent
factory life
Factory Life
  • Workers: Immigrants, whites, & African Americans from the South.
  • Hours: Long
  • Pay: Very Low
  • Conditions: Dust, bad lighting, faulty machines, no inspections, burns, death, poor training.
  • Women: Highest number of workers.
  • Children: Did not go to school.
  • Employers not required paying for factory injuries.
  • Triangle Shirt Factory: Owner locked workers in, most died in a fire.
especially brutal conditions in pa

Not in notes

Especially Brutal Conditions in PA
  • Coal and iron police
  • Pennsylvania Railroads and corporate charters
  • Use of the state militia and federal troops
  • Company towns

In PA Industry was King!

what could you do to protect your rights
What could you do to protect your rights?
  • If you were this guy, what would your options possibly be to try to protect yourself?


strikes in the u s
Strikes in the U.S.

Where are most strikes

taking place? Why?

labor unions
Labor Unions
  • Goals: Safer working conditions, shorter hours, & better pay.
  • Early Unions:
    • Knights of Labor
    • American Federation of Labor led by Samuel Gompers.
  • Problems: Some unions did not represent all workers, riots, protests and strikes became violent.
  • Started Collective Bargaining or negotiations between workers and management

Knights of Labor

Terence V. Powderly

An injury to one is the concern of all!


Knights of Labor

Knights of Labor trade card


Goals of the Knights of Labor

  • Eight-hour workday.
  • Workers’ cooperatives.
  • Worker-owned factories.
  • Abolition of child and prison labor.
  • Increased circulation of greenbacks.
  • Equal pay for men and women.
  • Safety codes in the workplace.
  • Prohibition of contract foreign labor.
  • Abolition of the National Bank.

How the AF of L Would Help the Workers

  • Catered to the skilled worker.
  • Represented workers in matters of national legislation.
  • Maintained a national strike fund.
  • Evangelized the cause of unionism.
  • Prevented disputes among the many craft unions.
  • Mediated disputes between management and labor.
  • Pushed for closed shops.

Haymarket Riot (1886)

McCormick Harvesting Machine Co.


Management vs. Labor

“Tools” of Management

“Tools” of Labor

  • “scabs”
  • P. R. campaign
  • Pinkertons
  • lockout
  • blacklisting
  • yellow-dog contracts
  • court injunctions
  • open shop
  • boycotts
  • sympathy demonstrations
  • informational picketing
  • closed shops
  • organized strikes
  • “wildcat” strikes

Pullman Cars

A Pullman porter


The Pullman Strike of 1894

Government by injunction!

case study strikes
Case Study: Strikes

Each group will be given one of the

following strikes to research:

  • The Lattimer Massacre
  • The Great Railroad Strike (in Pittsburgh)
  • The Homestead Strike
  • The McKeesport Strike

Your group must research the

following topics and report their

findings to the class

  • What industry was involved with this strike (coal, steel, railroads)?
  • What caused the strike to happen?
  • How did the strike “go down”?
  • What was the end result?

Homestead Steel Strike (1892)

Homestead Steel Works

The Amalgamated Association of Iron & Steel Workers


Attempted Assassination!

Henry Clay Frick

Alexander Berkman