all the details about licensing issues related n.
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Simple-Steps-to-getback-when-you-lose-the-licensing-information - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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you must read the guidelines for getting-back your licensing information. otherwise quickbooks users may contact us at 1800-986-6730 for online support.

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all the details about licensing issues related

All the details about Licensing issues related to


QuickBooks is gaining more popularity day by day but the problems related to the licensing

issues remain. Several license related problems surface each day but a few particular

problems have become commonplace. In this article we discuss those everyday problems

concerning QuickBooks Licensing issues.

QuickBooks Installation

After installation of the QuickBooks software in your desktop you need to obviously run the

software. There you need to input the QuickBooks license number and the product code in

the respective places in order to complete the installation process. Then only your copy of

QuickBooks will be validated.

Basic problems related to QuickBooks Licensing

A common issue regarding the QuickBooks installation procedure is that in case the

encrypted file which contains the vital information such as license number and code gets

damaged, QuickBooks will cease to open. This can be solved if you delete the entitlement

file and then re-enter the product and licensing information.

The same process can solve the following issues concerning licensing of QuickBooks.

Error 3371 which indicates the systems inability to initialize license properties.

Incorrect validation code and temporary unavailability of service while activation is


Error in reconfiguration of QuickBooks edition.

The option “Sync License Data Online” is non-clickable and appears in gray.

Option “Edit List Link” does not appear in my No Company Open Window

step by step guide to delete

Step by step guide to delete the EntitlementDataStore.ecml is given below.

1.Close the QuickBooks Desktop and ensure no processes are running.

2.Open the Task Manager.

3.Click the Processes tab.

4.Click the “Process Name” tab header to alphabetically sort the processes.

5.Search for all the required instances of the .exe files named QBW32.

6.End task.

7.To open the RUN window, press WINDOWS+R from your keyboard.

8.In the RUN dialog box, type C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8.

9.Select the EntitlementDataStore.ecml, right click on it and delete the file.

What to do when you lose the licensing information

When you lose the license related information you can simply recover them by opening

QuickBooks and hitting the F2 button or Ctrl+1. You won’t still be able to recover your

validation code so it will be useful to write it down beforehand.

how to solve problems related to re installation

How to solve problems related to re-installation of QuickBooks when we move

to a different system?

The simple steps mentioned below would ensure that your QuickBooks is re-installed or

moved to the new system that you prefer.

1.Download the installation files on the new system where you require your

QuickBooks to be installed.

2.Install the QuickBooks Desktop as you generally do.

3.Your company files are usually not moved when you re-install QuickBooks to a

different system. You have to copy them separately in order to move them.

4.You are required to register on the new system where you have re-installed


5.You will require your license number and the product number to re-install

QuickBooks on the new system so do keep it safe otherwise the License Lookup

Tool site will help you find them.