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Simple Steps

Simple Steps

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Simple Steps

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  1. How to Present the New Hybrid Funeral Trust to Seniors – Power Point Presentation Simple Steps to Advance Planning This webinar will be starting at 1pm (CST). We are currently waiting for agents to log in.

  2. Consider This . . . Most significant events in our lives require planning; you rarely just let them happen.

  3. Funerals Require Planning, Too! • Like other major life events, funerals require planning. • Today, prearranging and prefunding one’s own funeral is not uncommon: • 72% of people over the age of 65 think funeral planning is important, but 81% said they didn’t want to go to the funeral home. *preferred to work with their financial advisor in funding. *AARP, Funeral and Burial Planners Survey (2007)

  4. Benefits of Preplanning • By planning ahead, you relieve your family of the financial and emotional burden. • Your life is remembered just as you want it. • You have the peace of mind that everything is taken care of. • Medicaid Exempt if you go into a nursing home prior to death.

  5. How Much Does a Funeral Cost? Average Funeral Price: $7,323. • This includes basic items, but not cash advance items, like: • Cemetery Costs • Monuments/Markers • Obituary Fees • Flowers • Funeral Costs increasing faster than costs of living, growing 45% between 2001-2006 Source: National Funeral Directors Association Study (2006)

  6. Advance Planning in 3 Simple Steps Funeral Prearrangement • Selection of service • Selection of merchandise Prefunding • Payment options

  7. Funeral Prearrangement Selection of Service

  8. How Will You Be Remembered? Have you given any thought to the type of service you’d like to receive? Maybe you’re set on a traditionalFuneral Service with Burial – or – Perhaps you’d like to considerFuneral Service with Cremation

  9. Why Include a Service? Allows family and friends to celebrate your life as you would have liked to be remembered. Provides closure that allows the healing process to begin.

  10. Basic services at the Funeral Home Visitation and/or Memorial Service Memorial Services at a Church Graveside Services Common Service Choices

  11. Personal Touches • Veteran Recognition • Butterfly or Dove Release • Luncheon • Video/Slideshow Tribute • Photo Display • Green Tribute or Memory Garden • Charitable Donations (in lieu of flowers)

  12. Other Options • Direct Burial or Cremation • Occurs shortly after death, often without a visitation. • Can still include a memorial service at the graveside or other special place of your choosing on a later date.

  13. Funeral Prearrangement Selection of Merchandise

  14. Merchandise Selection Things to consider: • Casket or alternative container • Outer burial container/burial vault • Clothing • Cremation urn • Headstone or Marker • Printed Materials • Flowers • Memorialization items

  15. Prefunding Payment Options

  16. Common Funding Sources Personal Savings • Medical costs may have eroded balance • Funeral expenses further deplete assets Family and Friends • Emotional stress • Financial burden Credit Cards or Loans • Interest rate expense • Credit limits If something happened to you today, how would your funeral be paid for?

  17. Life Insurance is for the LivingFuneral Trusts are Designed for Funerals • Life Insurance is intended to allow loved ones to maintain their standard of living after a death. • One in four women goes broke within two months of their husbands' deaths.* • Funeral expenses generally due at time of arrangements. • Life insurance generally takes weeks to process, leaving the grieved scrambling to get the money from other sources. * "Money, A Memoir: Women, Emotions and Cash“, Liz Perle (2006)

  18. Prefunding: Another Way to Paywith Funeral Trusts Here’s how it works: • Arrange to pay for your funeral with a custom Funeral Trust Life Insurance Policy designed just for payment of funeral expenses. • At the time of need, your preferred funeral home provides all the products and services that you have selected in advance. • Your specially-designed policy authorizes payment of the benefits directly to the funeral home!

  19. Why Prefund? Prefunding provides a gift of love and peace of mind for you and those you care most about. Ask your financial planning professional for more details aboutthe right plan for you.

  20. Unity Financial Life • 50 year old Insurance Company that specializes in Funeral Trusts. • Highly respected in the Funeral Community. • Available in 46 states

  21. The Hybrid Funeral Trust • Funded with a single premium – increasing whole life policy - $1000 to $15,000 premium • NO HEALTH QUESTIONS • Issue ages 0-99 • Trust Provided on ONE PAGE application • Medicaid Exempt in most states • Payable to any funeral home at time of death that provides the services

  22. Closing Thoughts Next Steps

  23. Time to Complete Your Estate Plan