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Welcome To Open House

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Welcome To Open House
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Welcome To Open House

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  1. Welcome To Open House 7th Grade Civics Mr. Harbaugh

  2. About the Teacher • 21st year teaching11th year at Carwise • Master’s Degree • Father of five www.mrharbaugh.com

  3. Philosophy It is my personal goal to create a positive, structured academic environment where each student can master the course objectives to the best of his or her ability.

  4. Curriculum • The state of Florida developed a new 7th grade social studies curriculum with a shift away from geography to a Focus on US civics. • The curriculum was fully implemented last year. • This is my 5th year teaching this curriculum. • There is no at home textbook for this course.

  5. Curriculum • Roles, Rights, and Responsibilities of Citizens • Origins and Purposes of U.S. Law and Government • Government Policies and Political Processes • Organization and Function of Government • Global Studies and The United Nations  • The U.S. Economy   • U.S. Geography 

  6. End of Course Exam (EOC) • The EOC will count for 30% of the student’s end of year grade. • Semester 1= 35% • Semester 2 = 35% • EOC = 30% • It is important for students to do their best throughout the year. This will help them prepare for the EOC. • Students with high grades going into the EOC will have less pressure. 30% 35% 35% www.mrharbaugh.com

  7. Progress Monitoring Tests (PMT) • Students will have a PMT the 9th, 18th and 27th weeks of the school year. • These tests will be sent from the county and will be aligned with the Civics curriculum guide. • If students do well on the PMT’s and are earning good class/ homework grades you should do well on the EOC. • The EOC and PMT’s are state mandates.

  8. Homework • At least 1 homework assignment per week. • Announced, posted in class, entered in Parent Connect, and linked to my Focus online course. • If a student does not have internet access he or she may get a hard copy of the homework assignment. • Homework assignments align with quizzes and tests.

  9. Monitoring Student Grades • The most effective way for parents to monitor their student’s progress is by logging into the online gradebook.Portal.pcsb.org www.mrharbaugh.com

  10. Portal.pcsb.org www.mrharbaugh.com

  11. www.mrharbaugh.com

  12. www.mrharbaugh.com

  13. www.mrharbaugh.com

  14. www.mrharbaugh.com

  15. www.mrharbaugh.com

  16. www.mrharbaugh.com

  17. Students answer each question and click “Submit Answers”

  18. Students will see their score Students will see which questions they missed. Student’s highest score will be sent to me electronically.

  19. Click here to access flash cards to study for Friday’s quiz.

  20. Click “Play this game” to use the flash cards Do not log in. It is not set up for student log in.

  21. Other Monitoring Tips • Progress reports are given to students with an average below 70% every three weeks. • report cards are given to students every 6 weeks. • C. Email me Directly, harbaughs@pcsb.org or through Focus • D. Contact Guidance- Mrs. Laird www.mrharbaugh.com

  22. Late Work • The due date for each assignment is posted in the online gradebook and on the assignment sheet posted in the classroom. • Assignments turned in after the due date will be graded, and then the score will be reduced by 50% as a penalty. • The only exception is excused absences or students with IEPs or 501 plans that specify the accommodation of extended time. That accommodation will be given as long as the assignment is turned in within a reasonable  time. • It is the student’s responsibility to find out what work was missed when returning from an absence.

  23. Classroom Management • positive and negative www.mrharbaugh.com

  24. Recognizing Positive behavior • Positive comments • Raffle tickets • Shark bites • Stickers • Certificates • Express Cards • Positive comments on report cards www.mrharbaugh.com

  25. Consequences • a verbal warning • moving the student’s seat • a phone call home • sending the student out of the classroom • an after school detention • a referral to the assistant principal or guidance counselor www.mrharbaugh.com

  26. Make sure to visit my Focus online course. • A special thank you to those who have donated to the class. • Please take a donation wish list.It is also posted at my online course.Individually wrapped candy, raffle tickets, non-toxic markers, college ruled paper and pencils are always needed. www.mrharbaugh.com

  27. Questions? www.mrharbaugh.com