Analysis of mmle brainpop math
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Analysis of MmLE : BrainPOP Math. Liz Malinowski. BrainPOP Math Summary. URL -

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Analysis of mmle brainpop math

Analysis of MmLE: BrainPOP Math

Liz Malinowski

Brainpop math summary
BrainPOP Math Summary

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  • Correlation to Common Core State Standard: 4th Grade Measurement and Data (4.MD.C.5- understand concepts of angle and measurement angles: an angle is measured with reference to a circle with its center at the common endpoint of the rays)

  • This MmLE, BrainPOP Math, is very interesting. Within the subject category of math, there are links to click for videos titled “Angles,” “Comparing Prices,” and “Interest.” After watching each video, starring two pedagogical agents named Dick and Moby, there are further links for students to explore on the topic of the video. These include a quiz, a Q&A, additional information, and a game. Dick and Moby break down potentially challenging subjects into a friendlier language and ignite a recall of background knowledge.

Screenshot proof of correlation to ccss
Screenshot: Proof of Correlation to CCSS

  • If we look at this snapshot from the “Angles” video, we can see that an angle is clearly measured with reference to a circle with its center at the common endpoint of the rays (4.MD.C.5).

  • The circle the video referenced was a clock, by placing a protractor directly over the clock to show how the hands make a certain angle.

Ideas from moreno mayer article
Ideas from Moreno & Mayer Article


  • The initial video of Moby and Dick breaking down the video’s topic embodies the idea of pretraining, which is that “students learn better when they receive focused pretraining that provides or activates relevant prior knowledge (Moreno & Mayer, 2007, p 316).”

  • For example, the “Angles” video relates angles to the hands of a clock; the “Comparing Prices” video relates to and discusses a phone plan (something students are familiar with); the “Interest” video explains that solving interest is really just simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and addition (math applications students already know).


  • The various icons that appear after the video plays are all outlets for additional sources related to the topic of the video.

  • This gives students the ability to survey and choose more to do from the options of: follow-up quizzes, further information, Q&A, and an online game.

  • This is an idea discussed in the article called navigating, where “the learner moves to different content areas by selecting from various available content sources (Moreno & Mayer, 2007, p 311).”