global delight develops leading edge sound n.
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Global Delight Develops Leading-Edge Sound Booster Apps and Other Products PowerPoint Presentation
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Global Delight Develops Leading-Edge Sound Booster Apps and Other Products

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Global Delight Develops Leading-Edge Sound Booster Apps and Other Products - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Global Delight develops advanced, user-friendly sound booster apps such as the Boom 3D. The Mac equalizer presets, audio effects and other features give you impressively loud and clear audio on speakers, earphones and headphones. The use of 3D surround sound technology makes any kind of headphones sound amazing. Global Delight can also provide consumers with outstanding photo and video editing apps for iOS and Android like Camera Plus and Vizmato.

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global delight develops leading edge sound

Global Delight Develops Leading-Edge Sound Booster Apps

and Other Products

Global Delight is proud to offer Mac, iOS and Android users a selection of innovative photo,

video and sound booster applications through the Apple app store and web store. The

sophisticated, easy-to-use features of the company’s apps have won awards and earned rave

reviews from both sound professionals and average consumers.

Global Delight was founded in 2007 on the southwest coast of India. Its CEO, Rohith Bhat, has a

simple but powerful mantra: “Dream big, achieve big.” Over the past decade, his company has

followed that credo andbecome a worldwide leader in Mac and iOS volume booster and

equalizer apps. Global Delight has also won acclaim for its video recording and editing apps.

Today, Global Delight’s team is composed of highly skilled software engineers, graphics

designers, web developers and other experts. Together, they develop and deliver such

outstanding apps as Boom 2, which provides Mac owners with everything that they need for

stunning audio. This sound booster app comes with such features as:

Preset equalizers for acoustic music, classical music, dubstep and much more

10-band and advanced equalizers

Audio effects for adjusting pitch, maximizing clarity, and much more

In addition to its Mac equalizer apps, Global Delight offers such products as:

Capto: This user-friendly app enhances a user’s ability to capture, record and edit

images and videos. Creative professionals, educators and students have been able to get

sharp, clear recordings, save an entire webpage with a single click and much more.

vizmato this app and ios and android allows users

Vizmato: This app and iOS and Android allows users to edit, join and add to their videos

with ease. It currently runs in 1080p and 720p resolution on all supported devices.

For additional information, visit