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Who am I
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  1. Who am I Who Am I? Homo Sapien, Planet Earth (I think) Renee Daphne Kimball – Renee@EnufWaste.com • Degrees, credentials, titles … NONE • Iconoclast – a destroyer of myths and illusions • Professional vocalist and songwriter – FLOURISH.US • A loose cannon on the deck of political correctness • Harder to offend than a refrigerator – nothing to lose • Constantly ask you to step outside your comfort zone • Don’t do labels and require definitions of everything

  2. 1What I believe What Do I Believe In? “The 3 Ps” Precepts, Principles, and Pillars of Wisdom The Creed of Freedom

  3. 2What I believe What Do I Believe In? Precepts “Behavior we expect of ourselves and others” A commandment or direction given as a rule of action or conduct • Honorable in dealings with others • Charitable by choice • Voluntarily exchange good and services • Recognize sovereignty of the individual above that of governing authorities • Respect property ownership • Practice “Do unto others that which you would have them do unto you”

  4. 3What I believe What Do I Believe In? Principles “The embodiment of the enlightened human being” A determining characteristic of something Essential quality or character Fundamental, primary or general truth on which other truths depend • Truthful • Grateful • Tolerant • Determined • Equanimous • Accountable • Wise

  5. 4What I believe What Do I Believe In? Pillars of Wisdom Stephen Bertram, PhD – “Climbing Olympus” I.HumanismNOT the humanism practiced by the socialist elite “Be proud of your human abilities and believe in your capacity to achieve great things.: II.The Pursuit of Excellence “Try to be more today than you were yesterday, more tomorrow than you were today.” III.The Practice of Moderation “Beware of going to extremes because in them lies danger.” IV.Self Knowledge “Identify and understand your weaknesses and strengths.” V.Rationalism “Search for the truth by using the power of the mind.” VI.Restless Curiosity “Seek to know what things really are, not merely what they seem to be.” VII.The Love of Freedom “Only if we are free can we find fulfillment.” VIII.Individualism “Take pride in who you are as a unique individual.”

  6. What Do I Believe In? Creed of Freedom G Edward Griffin – “The Creature from Jekyll Island” Freedom Force International www.Freedom-Force.com Intrinsic Nature of Rights Supremacy of the Individual Freedom of Choice Equality Under the Law Proper Role of Government

  7. PCP Tools 1 PCP Tools What every PCP should know • Precinct • Neighborhood Association • School District • Metro Councilor District • County Commissioner District • State House District • State Senate District • Federal House District • Federal Senate District PCP Teams

  8. What & How Where to “Get Heard” Ballot measures Phone banks – GOTV Booths Fundraising Candidates Voter Registration Signatures Testifying Town Halls Walking your precinct Charities Social events

  9. What & How Moving to the Next Level • Getting Appointments to Boards • Hundreds at several levels of bureaucracy • Which bureaucrat is associated with what • Learning what, when and how • Countering “Group Manipulation Tactics” • Fallacies and Logic “gotchas” • Finding the agenda and sticking to it • Attending School Board Meetings • What’s my school board? • Who are my representatives? • Neighborhood Association Meetings • Who, what and where it is? • Getting on the Board and Committees • How the funding is tied up.

  10. Neighborhoods • New HD 2012 and Precinctsfor MultCo

  11. Neighborhoods

  12. Precinct

  13. SMILE

  14. SMILE

  15. What & How Brief History of ONl 1974 Ordinance 137816--Establishes Neighborhood System and ONA (February 7, 1974) 1998 ONI Guidelines (third edition) 1998 ONI Guidelines (third edition) 2005 PORTLAND’S NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATIONS PART I – HISTORY League of Women Voters of Portland Education Fund October 2005 2007 Portland’s Neighborhood Associations Part II – How Portland’s Neighborhood Program Works Today The

  16. What & How Brief History of ONl The following resolution was adopted by the City Council of Portland, Oregon on February 7, 1996. It articulates the City's commitment to citizen involvement.As elected officials and staff of the City of Portland, we believe that effective citizen involvement is essential to good governance. We recognize that elected officials, staff and citizens all play important roles in governing the city. We believe that collaboration between the City and citizens will result in the best policies and decisions for all of Portland. To this end, the City of Portland commits to promote and sustain an environment that creates and responds to citizen involvement. We hold that the success of citizen involvement depends on: Mutual respect of all parties; Informed and involved citizens; City officials and staff who recognize their role in facilitating and responding to citizen input. To carry out our commitment, we adopt these guiding principles of citizen involvement:

  17. SMILE Crime is a BIG Topic with ONI • National Night Out • Party Lists • Party Planning Packet • National Night Out 2011 Flyer • Behind the Scenes for NNO • Photos • Community Safety Recognition Event • Recognizing crime prevention and emergency management volunteers and partners for their exemplary efforts. • Crime Prevention Awareness Month • Join us in celebrating Crime Prevention Awareness Month! • Training • Crime prevention training opportunities for individuals and businesses

  18. What & How Areas of Influence of the ONI Crime Prevention Disability Program Diversity and Civic Leadership Program  Effective Engagement Solutions Program  Graffiti Abatement Information & Referral Liquor License Notification Neighborhood Mediation Neighborhood Program Public Involvement Best Practices Program Residential Siting

  19. What & How Areas of Influence of the ONI • BUSINESS ASSOCIATIONS - BOTH • All city/county wide Boards and Commissions are not linked to ONI • Block Parties • Community Programs • Neighborhood Programs • Disability • Involvement • Public Involvement • Effective Management • Diversity Leadership Program • Performance Management • Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc……..

  20. What & How Resources & Tools of the ONI 2012 Citywide Events & Festivals (Excel Document, 42kb) Citywide Events & Festivals for 2012Burnside Triangle Brochure (PDF Document, 405kb) Historical tour from 2002 of the Burnside Triangle district in downtown Portland.Community Meeting Spaces-Excel version (Excel Document, 69kb) Excel spreadsheet version for community members trying to locate community meeting spaces Community Meeting Spaces- PDF (PDF Document, 24kb) PDF version for community members trying to locate community meeting spaces Get Organized! (PDF Document, 187kb) There is power in numbers and collective action. A single voice might not persuade a government body or organization to take action on an issue but six voices might. How to find out what Portland neighborhood you live in. (PDF Document, 58kb) Step by step instructions for navigating PortlandMaps.com to find your neighborhood. Neighborhood Directory Directory of Neighborhood Contacts Robert's Rules of Order (PDF Document, 372kb) Procedures for Meetings Suggested Neighborhood Association Bylaws Template Sample template for bylaws that address key minimum requirements to comply with Standards for Neighborhood Associations and ORS Chapter 65

  21. Final Notes 1 Final Notes Welcome to the Community Residential Siting Program The Community Residential Siting Program (CRSP) is a service offered through the Office of Neighborhood Involvement designed to address issues, questions and concerns of citizens, neighborhood associations, social service providers and service recipients related to the siting and operations of Community Residential Facilities in Portland.Our Mission:To advocate for an ongoing, proactive exchange of information and education among providers of residential social services and community members to ensure mutual understanding and respect that results in long-term, supportive peaceful relationships that promote safe, livable communities.

  22. Final Notes 1 Final Notes Only TWO kinds of people Those who want power over you Those who want you to have power over yourself

  23. Final Notes 2 Final Notes Only TWO kinds of people Those who want power over you Those who want you to have power over yourself Only TWO kinds of political philosophies BIG (G) BIG (T) small (g) small (t)

  24. Final Notes 3 Final Notes Only TWO kinds of people Those who want power over you Those who want you to have power over yourself Only TWO kinds of political philosophies BIG (G) BIG (T) small (g) small (t) Only TWO questions Who decides? Who pays?

  25. Final Notes 4 Final Notes Only TWO kinds of people Those who want power over you Those who want you to have power over yourself Only TWO kinds of political philosophies BIG (G) BIG (T) small (g) small (t) Only TWO questions Who decides? Who pays? Only TWO decisions How will we solve this? When will we start?

  26. Any Questions? Final Notes www.MultnomahGOP.org Get involved – it’s your life! Bring a friend – it’s their life! April 17th – 6:30pm @ The Elks Lodge (downstairs) 13121 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Milwaukie Renee Kimball Renee@EnufWaste.com 503-238-6973 or 971-678-7719 What are YOU willing to do to change things?

  27. Fun & Games FUN and GAMES Selling Freedom Starring ~ YOU and THEM Changing the Talking Starring ~ YOU and THEM Reframing the Debate Starring ~ YOU and THEM