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Who Am I?

Story. Game Directions. Game Preparation. Who Am I?. Game Pieces. Play the game. A Homemade PowerPoint Game By Amber Crago & Christie Taylor UNC-Charlotte. Objectives. Credits. Copyright Notice. "Who am I". End. Start. The Story of the “Who Am I”.

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Who Am I?

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  1. Story Game Directions Game Preparation Who Am I? Game Pieces Play the game A Homemade PowerPoint Game By Amber Crago & Christie Taylor UNC-Charlotte Objectives Credits Copyright Notice

  2. "Who am I" End Start

  3. The Story of the “Who Am I” Your sitting in science class learning about the varieties of animals when you doze off. In your dream you begin to travel to different environments and meet a variety of animals. But the problem is can you remember which animal is which by the clues given. Home Page

  4. Game Directions The goal of the game is to…get students familiar with animals and their characteristics. To play the game you have to…Roll a dice and move around the board until you land on an animal then answer the question correctly and earn an animal card. To win the game you have to…be the first one to collect 10 animal cards. Return

  5. Game Preparation • Gameboard: Print out slide 2. • Animal Cards: Print out 15 copies the last slide (preferably on heavy stock with a distinct color), then cut into individual game cards. Home Page

  6. Game Pieces Return

  7. CreditsAll teachers and students at non-profit schools can use, revise, or adapt this game at will at no cost on the condition that all prior designers are cited. • Originally designed by Amber Crago & Christie Taylor, UNC-Charlotte, Sept. 21st, 2007, “Who Am I?” Home Page

  8. Educational Objectives • Audience • 1st grade • Subject Area Objectives • Students will be able to…. Identify the variety of needs of animals including habitat, groups, and food. Home Page

  9. Copyright • Copyright 2003 Amber Crago & Christie Taylor • Permission to copy this game at no cost is granted to all teachers and students of non-profit schools. • Permission is also granted to all teachers and students of non-profit schools to make revisions to this game for their own purposes, on the condition that this copyright page and the credits page remain part of the game. Teachers and students who adapt the game should add their names and affiliations to the credits page without deleting any names already there. Home Page

  10. Quiz Questions • Choose a question 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Home Page

  11. That’s Correct! Click here to continue.

  12. Sorry, that’s not correct! Click here to continue.

  13. I live in the jungle. Cat Cow Dog Monkey Home Page

  14. I do not live on a farm. Cow Horse Kangaroo Pig Home Page

  15. I eat meat. Blue bird Lady bug Lion Squirrel Home Page

  16. I am an insect. Alligator Ant Tiger Walrus Home Page

  17. I lay eggs. Chicken Dog Elephant Zebra Home Page

  18. I live in the ocean. Anteater Dolphin Panther Zebra Home Page

  19. I can fly. Cow Deer Mouse Robin Home Page

  20. I am a reptile. Dove Fox Lizard Parrot Home Page

  21. I live in the desert. Camel Swordfish Tiger Whale Home Page

  22. I live in groups called prides. Cat Lamb Lion Monkey Home Page

  23. I am green. Frog Koala Ladybug Panda Home Page

  24. I hibernate in the winter. Alligator Bear Wolf Zebra Home Page

  25. I am a marsupial. Cougar Crocodile Kangaroo Snake Home Page

  26. I have four legs. Dove Fox Ostrich Snake Home Page

  27. I sleep hanging upside down. Bat Bobcat Frog Gorilla Home Page

  28. I like cold weather. Cat Lizard Polar bear Rabbit Home Page

  29. My babies are called kittens. Cat Lion Ostrich Penguin Home Page

  30. I am nocturnal. Cat Lizard Owl Rabbit Home Page

  31. I start off as a caterpillar. Butterfly Ladybug Owl Rabbit Home Page

  32. I am mammal. Alligator Goat Grasshopper Spider Home Page

  33. I have horns. Bull Cardinal Fox Walrus Home Page

  34. I weigh more than humans. Elephant Goose Rabbit Spider Home Page

  35. I am taller than humans. Anteater Cardinal Giraffe Walrus Home Page

  36. I live in the woods. Bull Deer Penguin Whale Home Page

  37. I live in a lake. Fish Fox Porcupine Rhinoceros Home Page

  38. I have fur. Dog Fish Killer whale Lizard Home Page

  39. I have a bad smelling spray. Boar Cardinal Fox Skunk Home Page

  40. I have a black and white print. Boar Elephant Fox Zebra Home Page

  41. I like to hop. Caterpillar Crocodile Frog Whale Home Page

  42. I am pink. Bull Cardinal Flamingo Walrus Home Page

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