Sickle cell disease
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Sickle Cell Disease. Blaze Mowatt. SBI 3U. Definition. Disorder of the red blood cells that carry oxygen to body tissue Normal red blood cells are round and soft

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Sickle cell disease

Sickle Cell Disease

Blaze Mowatt




  • Disorder of the red blood cells that carry oxygen to body tissue

  • Normal red blood cells are round and soft

  • Sickled red blood cells are hard, sticky and crescent shaped, and stick together in the blood stream

  • This causes clogging of blood vessels which limits oxygen to the different parts of the body

Where and how many
Where and How Many?

  • Sickle cell disease can affect anyone

  • Common in certain regions around the world

  • This is because the disease is passed on through inheritance

  • Affects 70000 people in the United States and millions others around the world



  • Caused by a genetic mistake which causes hemoglobin to be made abnormal

  • Hemoglobin allows red blood cells to take oxygen from lungs to other cells and carbon dioxide back to the lungs

  • Passed on through parents only, through a pair of genes that are recessive

• Gene is recessive

• If both parents have trait, there is a 25% chance to get sickle cell disease, a 25% not to have the trait or disease and a 50% chance to have just the trait.

Effects and symptoms
Effects and Symptoms

  • Due to the lack of the oxygen, sickle cell disease causes weakness, fatigue, dizziness and breathlessness

  • Organs have chance of becoming permanently damaged or just failing altogether

  • Infected experience crisises which are occurrences of extreme pain due to lack of oxygen reaching different parts of the body due to sickled cells


  • In last 30 years, overall awareness for sickle cell disease has increased

  • Through blood tests, can be diagnosed as to whether you have the disease, trait or nothing

  • Very important that babies/children be diagnosed early to avoid the effects of the disease


  • Only cure for sickle cell disease is a bone marrow transplant which is very risky

  • Many ways to ease and reduce pain that is caused from crises such as changing the way of living

  • The drug hydruxorea is an effective method of reducing the sickling of the blood


Future outlook and research
Future Outlook and Research

  • The future hope for sickle cell disease is gene therapy

  • Researchers attempting to cure disease by fixing defective gene and inserting into bone marrow of patient