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Developing a Strategic Communications Plan

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Developing a Strategic Communications Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Developing a Strategic Communications Plan. Nadine Drew Lynn Goldman Merrie Meyers Charles Webster. Purpose of the PLan. Create an overarching framework for communicating with stakeholders. Establish coordination among all facets of the organization.

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developing a strategic communications plan

Developing a Strategic Communications Plan

Nadine Drew

Lynn Goldman

Merrie Meyers

Charles Webster

purpose of the plan
Purpose of the PLan
  • Create an overarching framework for communicating with stakeholders.
  • Establish coordination among all facets of the organization.
  • Employ consistent standards for process, transparency, timeliness and accuracy.
  • Build responsibility for effective communication into the culture of the school system.
the role of the committee
The Role of the committee
  • Lead a work group that can identify issues of interest and concern.
  • Identify new communication strategies and tactics.
  • Design and provide training of staff when needed.
  • Monitor program effectiveness.
history of the committee
History of the Committee
  • Board members requested a fresh look at communication.
  • A team of four content specialists was created to oversee the process.
  • Additional staff was been added to represent key internal areas.
  • A Draft of the Strategic Communications Plan was written.
accomplishments to date
Accomplishments to Date
  • Collected available research data.
  • Identified outstanding communication issues from research data.
  • Identified “must do” tasks and initiated planning group (web subcommittee, etc.)
  • Creating a work team of ELT reps and key content staff.
  • Conducted parent focus group.
  • Conducted an email survey of key community leaders.
  • Created a web site to house committee work.
alignment with the strategic plan audiences and outcomes
Alignment with the Strategic Plan, Audiences and Outcomes
  • The Communication Plan supports the District’s Strategic Plan.
  • It is designed to help fulfill the mission of the plan by communicating accomplishments.
  • It also includes strategies and tactics that specifically support Goal 5, Employee Recognition/Retention and Goal 6, Community Involvement.
alignment with the strategic plan audiences and outcomes1
Alignment with the Strategic Plan, Audiences and Outcomes
  • The Plan was designed to measure awareness and engagement among key audiences.
  • Plan effectiveness will be measured by the metrics outlined in the District Strategic Plan goals Five and Six, and feedback via School Board comments, District Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Parent Focus Groups, and Business Leader Surveys and media coverage of district events and activities.
  • Engagement will be measured by levels of business and community partners, parent participation, volunteerism.
  • In addition, every component of the plan carries with it a metric to determine whether each strategy and tactic has been addressed.
research background information
Research: Background Information
  • Relying on media coverage about the District is not adequate to get the message out.
  • Newspaper readership is declining, and use of new technology is increasing.
  • Communication within the District is fragmented.
  • Staff does not consistently follow communications process and procedures.
  • A new strategy is needed to effectively promote the District and address emerging concerns.
research primary data
Research: Primary Data
  • Community and Board Focus Groups- Dr. Bill Mathis.
  • Parent Focus Group.
  • Business Leader Survey.
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys.
  • Public Engagement in Schools.
  • Parent Involvement.
  • Partnership Surveys.
  • Community Involvement Surveys.
  • Content Analysis of Print Media .
research secondary data
Research: Secondary Data
  • Phi Delta Kappa and the Gallup Organization.
  • Other school districts.
  • Other community groups.
  • Plan Mission: Improve communication effectiveness and change/improve perception of BCPS internally and externally.
  • Goals:
    • Increase awareness and perception.
    • Ensure accuracy and timeliness.
    • Develop a branding initiative.
    • Using available resources to report and support. student achievement.
    • Provide effective methods for feedback.
goal 1 increase awareness and perception
Goal 1Increase Awareness and Perception
  • Increase awareness among ELT members and Principals.
  • Initiate training for Department Heads and Principals.
  • Provide information to Key Stakeholders.
goal 2 ensure accuracy and timeliness
Goal 2Ensure Accuracy and Timeliness
  • Example: Back to School Day Event.
    • Provide media with verified, real time data.
  • Ongoing Communication Process.
    • Update or develop processes for compiling and distributing information that includes checks and balances.
  • Crisis Communication Plans.
    • Provide training to site based administrators, enabling them to respond to a crisis from a knowledgeable position.
goal 3 developing a branding initiative
Goal 3Developing A BrandingInitiative
  • Identify a branding theme and strengthen the branding process through graphic and language standards.
      • Some of the messaging might include:
        • The Sixth largest School District in America,
        • A Fully Accredited School District,
        • An “A” District, etc.
goal 4 use available resources to support and report student achievement
Goal 4Use Available Resources to Support and Report Student Achievement
  • Employ an Integrated Model of Communication, using a variety of communication tools.
  • Identify and engage stakeholders to a greater extent.
goal 5 developing an effective feedback mechanism
Goal 5Developing an Effective Feedback Mechanism
  • Reconvene the committee.
  • Assess achievement of Goals and Objectives based on metrics outlined in the plan.
  • Update Policy 1164 as needed.
  • Update the Plan as needed.
  • Provide information to stakeholders.
next steps
Next Steps
  • Board Workshop Presentation.
  • Revise Plan based on Board and ELT Feedback.
  • Broaden Committee for work on revisions.
  • Develop a Final Plan for Board approval.
  • Work with Committee to implement and monitor the plan.
  • Make Policy changes as needed.
  • Monitor Plan effectiveness, and modify as needed.
plan roll out
Plan Roll-OUt
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