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21 st Century Task Force

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21 st Century Task Force

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21 st Century Task Force

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  1. 21st Century Task Force December 12, 2011 The future is here

  2. 21st Century Task Force Tonight’s agenda: • Review the charge of the task force • Review our vision • More on 21st Century Skills • BYOD @ Bentonville High School • The 3 Phase Plan • Continue the work of the subcommittees

  3. 21st Century Task Force • Develop an Action Plan for Bentonville Schools to move forward to ensure that every student is prepared for the future and able to become an asset to our community

  4. 21st Century Task Force • Explore the needs of our district in the area of Technology

  5. 21st Century Task Force • Determine strategies to incorporate technology into our instructional delivery

  6. 21st Century Task Force • Support the goals of the Common Core State Standards

  7. Vision and Mission .

  8. BPS Mission • Bentonville Schools are committed to preparing the students of today for the challenges of tomorrow.

  9. How does 21st century education relate to current trends?

  10. The 4Cs and 21st Century Education(The 4Cs are Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, & Creativity)

  11. AP exam redesign for science

  12. Take a look at this college-level biology question The creeping horizontal and subterranean stems of ferns are referred to as • Prothalli • Fronds • Stipes • Roots • Rhizomes

  13. Now examine this college-level biology question H+ + HCO3 H20 + C02 • An increase in 02 concentration in the plasma will lead to a decrease in H+ concentration • An increase in CO2 concentration in the plasma will lead to an increase in H+ concentration • A decrease in sweating will lead to an increase in HCO3 concentration • A decrease in respiration will lead to an increase in plasma O2 concentration The equation above shows a reversible reaction that occurs in blood. An Olympic marathoner training at high altitude in Colorado feels dizzy and begins hyperventilating while taking a run. Her blood pH is elevated, resulting in alkalosis. How will normal blood pH be restored?

  14. 21st Century Task Force • Bring Your Own Device • What’s happening at Bentonville High School

  15. 21st Century Task Force Draft!!! The Plan: • Phase I: One-to-One Grants • Phase II: Bring Your Own Device • Phase III: Cycle of Continuous Improvement Task Force Executive Committee recommendation

  16. 21st Century Task Force DRAFT!!! Phase I: • Teachers will apply for classroom sets of equipment to begin working in a 1:1 computing environment in the grant recipients’ classrooms.  • Staff development in the 4 Cs, and instructional technology will be provided to the grant recipients.  • Concurrent to Phase I, the Staff Development department will be incorporating the 4 Cs into discussions with teachers about implementing CCSS.

  17. 21st Century Task Force DRAFT!!! Phase II: Bring Your Own Device • Teacher trainers that have one or two years’ experience in 1:1, • Devices from original 1:1 grants to serve as “loaners” to students unable to bring a device, and • Momentum from grant recipients combined with curiosity from colleagues of grant recipients

  18. 21st Century Task Force DRAFT!!! Phase III: • The PLC framework will serve as the catalyst for improved instruction within a 1:1 computing environment.  • All teachers will be proficient in 21st Century Skills and incorporate multiple methods of technology into instruction.

  19. 21st Century Task Force Draft!!!

  20. 21st Century Task Force Vision, policy, access, accountability and evaluation Resources and access Curriculum and content for both staff and students. Professional development for staff. Budget and funding Plan Administration Infrastructure and Equipment Standards and Expectations Financial and Community Support Identified Systems Needed to achieve desired outcomes

  21. 21st Century Task Force

  22. 21st Century Task Force • Next steps: