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Heavy School Bags

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Heavy School Bags. Children and bag weights. The bag should not weigh more than 10\% of the childs’ weight. Thus a 50kg child should only carry 5kgs maximum! The bag weight needs to be against the spine, and not hanging from the spine. Weights of stationary. Small text book : 400g

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children and bag weights
Children and bag weights
  • The bag should not weigh more than 10% of the childs’ weight.
  • Thus a 50kg child should only carry 5kgs maximum!
  • The bag weight needs to be against the spine, and not hanging from the spine.
weights of stationary
Weights of stationary
  • Small text book : 400g
  • Medium Text book : 800g
  • Large text book : 1.2kg
  • Exam pad : 320g
  • 72pg : 200g
  • 96pg : 300g
  • 192pg : 470g
  • 288pg : 760g
  • Ring file : 250g
  • Lever arch file: 450g
  • School bag : 1.3kg

6.45 kg

Thus the child would need to weigh 64.5kg to carry one of each item! And the lunch and pencil bag are not yet included!

time tables and subjects
Time tables and subjects
  • Most timetables allow for 5 – 6 subjects per day.
  • Thus a child has to carry for 5 – 6 subjects every day.
  • Each teacher insists that all the books for that subject are at class……. Let us see what that means for the child’s back!
in a nutshell
In a nutshell……..
  • Most children are carrying 3 – 30 % more than is healthy for them.
  • The long term effects will only be felt when they have left school!
  • Even the best bag in the world needs parents, teachers and schools to help solve this issue.
the solution
The solution!
  • Parents need to contribute.
  • Teachers need to contribute
  • Children need to do their bit too!
teachers schools
  • Install lockers, in a convenient place for the children to access between lessons. It should not take more than 2 minutes for the child to reach the locker.
  • Teach the children how to use the lockers. Take only the books you need until the next break.
  • Allow time for the children to use the locker.
  • Use thinner books. Why make them carry a 288pg? Use 72 or 96 pg, and bring a new book when the first one is full!
  • Plan your week and share this plan with the children. Do not change the plan on the day so that the children are in trouble for not having their books there! If you say you are doing literature on Weds, then do literature on Weds. Then all the children need only bring literature books, saving a lot of weight on their backs.
  • Buy the best bag you can afford. It should have an internal frame to keep the weight of the books against the spine, and not hanging from the spine. This also protects the books!
  • Encourage/teach your child to use the lockers.
  • Encourage/teach your child to unpack and repack everyday so as not to carry unnecessary books and clutter with them.
  • Speak to your school to use thinner books, install lockers etc.
  • Unpack and repack your bag daily.
  • Carry your bag using BOTH shoulder straps.
  • Speak to your teachers if you are carrying too many books, to find a solution.
  • Use your locker effectively. Take only as many books as you need until your next break!