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Traveling Bags Bags Suppliers PowerPoint Presentation
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Traveling Bags Bags Suppliers

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Traveling Bags Bags Suppliers
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Traveling Bags Bags Suppliers

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  1. BAGS

  2. BAGS . . . Almost every person in this planet owns a bag. This actually persuaded businessmen to manufacture more and more bags for its buyers. The purpose of Bags has exceeded its prime purpose of convenience and fashion. Bags come in different sizes, giving us the opportunity to bring things all the time.  With these two hands and a bag, there are more things to carry. As an accessory, bags can totally change the way we look or dress for a certain occasion. A bag in solid or cute colours can instantly give you that classy look as you walk around the workplace. All over the world, people even reach the point of collecting different kinds of original bags as an investment.


  4. HANDBAGSS . . . The most popular bags of late seems to be the big bag like the Chloe Paddington. However a number of health specialist are saying that these can end up weighing a lot and this causes a lot of pressure on your back. Do you really care about fashion that much that you are willing to risk having back problems?



  7. CLUTCH BAG . . . A clutch is a small, but long (rectangular) bag intended to be carried in hand as it does not have a handle. It reveals a very chic look like that of a purse, allowing you tostore your essentials, such as makeup, lipstick and other cosmetics to add touch-ups and freshen up yourself during the day. Clutches are best used for evening events and other formal, dressy occasions.


  9. SATCHEL BAGS . . . A satchel handbag is a structured bag with two large handles, locking hardware, and a wide, flat bottom. Used by doctors in the olden days, satchels have evolved over the years giving them a modern-day designer handbag look. A satchel bag can be either small or large and is available in a number of colors and patterns.

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