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Grants & Design PowerPoint Presentation
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Grants & Design

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Grants & Design
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Grants & Design

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  1. Victorian Industry Participation Policy Presentation for Agencies on How to Prepare a VIPP Plan in the enhanced VIPP Management Centre2013

  2. Grants & Design

  3. Why is there a new process for grants and designers?

  4. Grants and design contracts overview • Grant applicants to liaise with ICN to ascertain localisation opportunities where the value of the grant is a substantial component of a project/procurement and is over the VIPP thresholds. • Design contractors to liaise with ICN to ascertain localisation opportunities where the total value of the whole project meets or exceeds the VIPP monetary thresholds, the value of the design contract itself is not relevant. • ICN reviews and determines level of contestable procurements • Nil/ Limited contestability – no interaction with ICN required • Contestable Procurements – ICN will liaise with the grant applicant/ design contractor to discuss and outline any identified Contestable Procurements • Ensures local opportunities are not inadvertently designed out and VIPP objectives will be applied at the earliest point of the contract/ project

  5. Grant & Design Process Timeline IRN Letter Submission Recipient/ contractor provides IRN Letter to Department/ Agency. IRN Letter Contestable opportunities are identified. ICN issues IRN Letter, detailing a series of interactions between the recipient/ contractor and ICN. IRN Collected IRN collected for annual reporting purposes. IRN Request Successful applicant/ bidder lodges grant/ design details on VMC to request IRN. IRN Letter There are NO contestable opportunities identified. ICN issues IRN Letter to recipient/contractor. ICN IRN Request Review ICN allocates IRN request to Business Capability Advisor (BCA). BCA contacts recipient/ contractor to discuss localisation opportunities. Allow 2-3 business days for initial contact. IRN Letter Design specs and/or procurement has been completed without ICN consultation. ICN cannot issue IRN to recipient/contractor. Successful Grant Applicant/ Designer Selected ICN’s involvement to help increase opportunities for SME’s, is a condition of grant/contract.

  6. 1 TIPS: Begin Reference # Process: to request IRN, click button.

  7. TIPS: Mandatory Fields: ensure all mandatory fields (denoted by ) are completed. Grant/design: select whether the IRN request relates to a grant or design contract. Submit: to submit request, click button. 1 2 3

  8. TIPS: Interaction Reference Number (IRN) Interaction details between grant recipient / design contractor and ICN. 1 2

  9. VIPP Timelines

  10. Department / Agency Timeline ICN Report ICN will compare and assess the suppliers actual VIPP achievements against their initial commitments and provide advice to department/agency ICN Evaluation Report ICN will prepare an evaluation report for department/ agency. The report MUST be considered as part of a department/agency tender evaluation and selection of a successful bidder/ supplier. Post Contract Verification Department/agency provides actual VIPP outcomes for procurement activity to ICN via VMC. Reporting Min. 2 days prior to consideration by tender evaluation panel Min. 2-4 days prior to consideration by tender evaluation panel Request VIPP Outcomes Department/ agency provides monitoring table to supplier and requests reporting of actual VIPP outcomes. Monitoring Department/ agency and supplier to monitor VIPP outcomes through contractual commitments. Contract Award VIPP commitments MUST be negotiated as reportable conditions of the contract. Provide ICN contract award information via VMC. VIPP Plan Shortlisted bidders/ suppliers complete online electronic VIPP Plan Registration of Procurement Activity 2-3 months from RFT release Monitoring Tender Registration & Contestability Assessment Agency registers tender on VMC, and undertakes contestability assessment. ICN reviews tender details. • Tender Documentation • Include the following, where applicable, in RFT documentation: • VIPP model clauses • Contestable items • Timeframes VMC Account Management Agency to register contract manager details on the VIPP Management Centre (VMC)

  11. VIPP Management Centre (VMC) • The VIPP Management Centre (VMC) is an online platform where agencies can manage their VIPP applicable tenders and other VIPP obligations. • The VMC is available at • Agencies can register tenders, undertake contestability assessments, notify ICN of post tender negotiations, contract award information and fulfil post contract requirements via VMC. • VMC has been optimised to work on the following web browsers. • Google Chrome • Mozilla Firefox • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 • VMC is not yet compatible with smartphone/tablet devices.

  12. Agencies register tender on the VMC

  13. TIPS: Account Type: select Gov. Agency. Create Account: to create a new Gov. Agency user account.. Forgotten password: retrieve password via email. 1 2 3

  14. TIPS: Add new tender: register new tender and undertake contestability assessment. Comms Room/Contact VIPP: leave a message or question for ICN to then respond. CA: view Contestability Assessment (CA) outcome. Available when the pdf icon is displayed. View Plans: indicates bidder/s who have submitted VIPP Plans. Account Details: modify user details FAQ’s 6 5 1 2 2 3 4

  15. TIPS: Registration: register tender prior to RFT release. Tender Value: all information is accessible ONLY to ICN and the account holder. Required VIPP response dates: indicates when bidders/suppliers must submit their VIPP Plans and certification letters to the Agency along with their bid. This is usually close of tender. Tenderer ICN submission date: accounts for ICN’s turnaround time. Approx. 2 business days Shortlisted bidders: Agency may provide “N/A” where this not yet available. Agency to update information as required. 1 2 3 4 5

  16. 2 1 Tips: Mouse Rollover: simply place your mouse on the to access definitions. Category: dynamic set of questions generated, based on initial selection.

  17. 1 Tips: Breadcrumbs: indicates number of questions.

  18. 1 Tips: Contestability Assessment: ICN will review the contestability assessment within 2 working days. ICN may request scope of works/specification for further information.

  19. Tips: VIPP Plan requires: indicates ICN’s recommendation on how VIPP should be applied. VIPP Clauses: available from Department of State Development, Business and Innovation (DSDBI) Contestable Inputs: indicates potential contestable items for the project. Not an exhaustive list and does not include non-contestable items that may be required to fulfil the contract. John Smith 1 2 3

  20. Bidders VIPP Plans on the VMC

  21. Create New VIPP Plan • Bidders can ONLY begin an online VIPP Plan when the government department/agency has registered the tender on VMC. • The following slides indicate how to complete the online VIPP Plan: • Click “Add new plan” button. • Search for name of tender or tender reference number. • Can’t find tender? – click the “Can’t find Tender” link to contact the relevant government department/agency . • Complete each section of the VIPP Plan

  22. 1 2 3 TIPS: Can’t find tender? - link Predictive search feature streams results to the name of tender and tender reference number fields, dynamically updating results as a user types. Note: To clear field, double backspace. Navigation: all fields must be completed on each page before users can proceed to the next section.

  23. TIPS: Contestable Items: pre-populate based on contestability assessment outcome. 1

  24. TIPS: To remove items, check the clear box. Contestable item. Percentages of Imported Content/Local Content auto-calculate (Σ=100%). Either field must be populated to auto calculate. Percentage of Total Local Content auto-calculated. Total Percentages of Contract Content and Total Local Content auto-calculate (Total Contract Content Σ = 100%) Add another item: click link to add additional items 1  2 3 4 5 6

  25. Tips: Pre-fabricated and previous ePlan responses: click to expand or collapse. Copy & Insert: click on the link to copy and insert text into field. 1 2

  26. New VIPP Plan Tips: VIPP Plan: bidders/suppliers must submit their certification letter and VIPP Plan as part of their bid submission.

  27. VIPP Plan Certification Letter Tips: Certification Letter: Bidders/suppliers must submit their certification letter and VIPP Plan as part of their bid submission

  28. ICN Certification and Agency Evaluation Report

  29. ICN VIPP Evaluation Report • ICN will prepare an evaluation report for the department/ agency to use in their tender evaluation. • The report includes: • Assessment of merits of the key VIPP areas • Highlights areas that require clarification • Risk statements • Overall comparative assessment of VIPP Plans • The report does not include a ranking/rating. • The report MUST be considered as part of a department/agency tender evaluation and selection of a successful bidder/ supplier. • ICN recommendations to mitigate risk/s

  30. TIPS: Evaluation/Award: view ICN evaluation report 1

  31. ICN VIPP Evaluation Report – Example 1 (BAD) 1 2 3 Tips: High overall ANZ value-added activity commitment. Overcommitments Omitted a number of items that may be required to fulfil the contract. Implementation plan contained limited detail. Assessment Outcome: High Risk = VIPP commitments unlikely to be achieved. Assessment Outcome: ICN recommendations 4 5 6

  32. ICN VIPP Evaluation Report – Example 2 (GOOD) 1 2 Tips: Achievable overall ANZ value-added activity commitment. ICN believes their may be scope for further local industry involvement on the project Implementation plan contained sufficient detail and commitments. Assessment Outcome: Low Risk = VIPP commitments likely to be achieved. Note: changes in VIPP commitments during post tender negotiations requires VIPP Plan re-certification/ evaluation 3 4 5

  33. Post Tender Negotiations

  34. Post Tender Negotiations • If VIPP commitments change due to post tender negotiations, government department/agency informs bidder/s and ICN that VIPP Plan re-certification/evaluation is required. • Alert ICN of changes to VIPP commitments via VMC. • ICN will contact the Agency to discuss the matter and advise of the appropriate process.

  35. TIPS: Post tender: alert ICN to changes of preferred bidder/s VIPP commitments. 1

  36. Contract Award

  37. TIPS: Evaluation/Award: agencies mandated to provide contract award information to ICN. 1

  38. TIPS: Winning Tenderer: select winning tenderer from drop down menu. The winning tenderer must be included as short-listed tenderer prior to award. 1 VIPP Building Company

  39. Post Contract Verification

  40. Monitoring & Post Contract Reporting • Upon the completion of contracts (issued post 1st January 2013) where the VIPP applies, the supplier/ contractor must provide the VIPP outcomes to the government agency/department when requested. • The supplier/contractor must use the VIPP Monitoring Table, and submit a declaration attesting to the veracity of the outcomes reported. The agency provides these details to the ICN for verification via VMC (refer to following slides). • These forms will be available at:

  41. VIPP Monitoring Table

  42. TIPS: Post Contract: provide post contract award information and documentation. 1

  43. ICN Post Contract Review (PCR) Report

  44. Further Information

  45. Contacts • For any policy queries regarding the application of the VIPP to a particular activity, contact: • Department of State Development, Business and Innovation (DSDBI) • Email: • Tel: 13 22 15 • • For queries regarding the VIPP Management Centre or to register your project contact: • Industry Capability Network (Victoria) Ltd • Tel: (03) 9864 6700 •