Developing a membership orientation program building a new generation for service
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Developing a Membership Orientation Program Building a New Generation for Service - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Developing a Membership Orientation Program Building a New Generation for Service. John Hathcock Roswell Lions Club. Who Am I?. Lions Lion for 12 years Past Club President, Secretary and Zone Chair Presented Training in Georgia (MD-18) and Alabama (MD-34)

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Developing a membership orientation program building a new generation for service

Developing a Membership Orientation ProgramBuilding a New Generation for Service

John Hathcock

Roswell Lions Club

Who am i
Who Am I?


  • Lion for 12 years

  • Past Club President, Secretary and Zone Chair

  • Presented Training in Georgia (MD-18) and Alabama (MD-34)

  • Currently 18-A Membership Orientation Chair


  • BS Mechanical Engineering – Auburn University

  • MBA – University of Georgia (2012)

Why is orientation important

The Big Picture:

Why is orientation important?

The big picture why
The Big Picture: Why

Situational awareness

Know how it fits into

everything else

Maintain focus on

the goal

The big p icture do lions produce a product or provide a service
The Big Picture:Do Lions produce a product or provide a service?

  • “We Serve” motto – providing a service

  • A successful Lions club serves.

  • A successful service firm also serves.

    Can we use concepts from service firms in the operations of a Lions Club?

The big picture when to given an orientation
The Big Picture:When to given an orientation

  • Before? Or after?

    You are sellingLionism.

    Selling comes from Marketing

    Key components of marketing:

  • Segmenting

  • Targeting

  • Positioning

The big picture does your club have an identity crisis
The Big Picture: Does your club have an identity crisis?

Is this what your community says about Lions?

Do others know about the good work your club performs?

Can all of your members answer the question:


The big picture membership is a continuous process
The Big Picture:Membership is a Continuous Process

  • Recruitment and induction are the first steps in development

  • Training begins with the first conversation

  • Prospective/New Members should have a plan for growth and development

  • The Membership Process is continuous

  • Mentoring is an excellent approach


    continuous improvement

The big picture putting it all together
The Big Picture:Putting it all together

  • Cog in the wheel

  • Ongoing process

  • Part of the club’s culture

  • Business paralells

The Circle of Life in Lions

Reinforcing momentum

What is an orientation

Establishing Goals:

What is an Orientation

Preparation is important
Preparation is Important

  • Would you want these people working on your house if they weren’t trained?

  • Do you think these people believe in preparation?

Think back why did you join
Think back…why did you join?

Boils down to two main reasons

1. Friend or family connection

2. Affinity for core values or projects

Everything else can be summarized into these two categories

Remember this when orientating and recruiting

What are our goals
What are our goals?

  • Inform

  • Involve

  • Empower

    A Lion who is informed about their club, will

    be empowered to be involved and

    poised for success.


Planning your orientation

How do we do it?

PLANNING YouR Orientation

What is a proper orientation
What is a proper orientation?

  • Must be a regular part of the membership process – make it a habit!

  • Relevant to your clubs activities

  • Relevant to new members

  • Topics

    • Fundamental principles of Lionism

    • Facts about LCI, Multiple District/District

    • Facts about your club

      Don’t just distribute facts – sell them on your club.

Inform what to cover
Inform:What to cover

  • Include basics of club operations:

    • Officers and duties

    • Club finances

    • Membership categories/responsibilities

    • Service and social program/calendar

  • Your clubs orientation sessions should be

    • Regularly scheduled

    • Part of the Membership Process

    • A habit

    • Convenient for your target audience

    • Fun

Involve finding their thumbscrew
Involve:Finding Their Thumbscrew

  • What do your new members like?

  • What are they interested in?

    Use activities to find each person’s


  • Involved Lions are easier to retain

  • Involve from the first conversation – look for the match

Resources for orientation program
Resources for Orientation Program

  • New Member Orientation Guide (Publication ME-13)

  • Gather facts from:

    • LCI Website:

    • MD 18 Website:

    • District 18-A Website:

    • Club: Activities, members, your club’s website

      Remember: It’s not just information!

Blueprint for membership development mentoring
Blueprint for Membership Development:Mentoring

  • Use Mentoring Program Guide

    • Basic Mentoring Guide - MTR 11

    • Advanced Mentoring Guide - MTR 12

  • Forms long term mentoring relationships:

    • increase new member buy-in and commitment

    • provide a one on one development path

    • creates a natural, responsive feedback loop – address problems when they start

Designing your orientation 10 min
Designing your orientation (10 min)

  • Use handout to outline your orientation program – that you will propose to your club when you get home

  • Questions to ask

    • Single session or multi session?

    • Which topics?

      • Local Club Info and activities

      • District/State/International Info

      • Lions History

      • Club operations and member responsibilities

    • Frequency? Regularly scheduled or at induction?

    • Venue?

    • Presenters?

Thank you

Thank You

We Serve