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Types of Customer Loyalty Programmes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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There are many different types of customer loyalty programs. In this presentation we have discussed in brief 3 basic types of loyalty programs.

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Types of




There are 3 main types of CUSTOMER





Frequency Loyalty Program

Earn Points & Exchange for Rewards

Cash Back Loyalty Program

Lets Go Through Them One by One…

Frequency Loyalty Program

ü This loyalty rewards program encourages the

customers to buy more.

ü For example: If a customer has bought 4 items

then he gets the 5th one free.

ü Therefore by rewarding the customer on the 5th

purchase this loyalty scheme helps increase sales.

Loyalty rewards programs

Frequency Loyalty Program


oThis is the simplest type of customer loyalty


o It is easy and cost effective to set up this

customer rewards program.

o It allows businesses to set up tiers to reward

increase in levels of purchase behavior.

customer loyalty programme

Frequency Loyalty Program


oThe Downside of this customer loyalty program

is that its too simple.

o Its simplicity does not allow companies to

collect customer information.

o You lose valuable data which can otherwise be

used in further marketing efforts.

customer loyalty program

Earn Points To Get Rewards

ü In this type of customer rewards program

customers earn points on each purchase.

ü These points can then be exchanged for rewards.

ü Rewards can be weekend getaways, movie

tickets, spa etc.

Customer rewards programs

Earn Points To Get Rewards


o It’s a simple process for customer to

understand, set up and follow.

o Once rewarded customers remember their

rewards for a long time which encourages them to

stay loyal to your products and services.

Rewards programs

Earn Points To Get Rewards


oThis customer loyalty program needs a careful

system to track points correctly.

o Since there is no instant gratification for

customers, they could lose interest in the programme

and abandon it.

o Customers constantly need to be reminded of the

points they have earned.

customer loyalty program

Cash Back Loyalty Program

ü In this type of Rewards Programme, your

customers will earn money after crossing a certain

spend limit.

ü They can then spend this earned cash on their

future purchases.

best reward programme

Cash Back Loyalty Program


o It is a simple system to set up and follow.

o Customers love the idea of earning money by

spending money which encourages them to come to

you more frequently.

Loyalty Programme

Cash Back Loyalty Program


o You may not be able to attract customers in low

spending category using this type of Loyalty


o It may not be suitable for businesses where the

customers have no need to frequent your store.

o There are many different types of customer

loyalty programs.

o We just discussed 3 basic types in brief.

o Hope this was helpful and gave you a better idea

about loyalty programs & their Benefits.

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