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Subaru telescope

Subaru Instruments, Science, & FutureMasanori Iye (National Astron. Obs.)1990(Site for Subaru),1995(GTC review),1997(Obs WHT), 20091)Subaru Intrument Suite- Parameter space coverage, - Operational Aids2)Science Achievements- Probing the cosmic dawn – - Study on GRB – Hypernovae connection3)LGSAO and Wide field instruments- Subaru’s future in the ELT era

Subaru telescope
Subaru Telescope


・Design Study : 1984-1990

・Construction : 1991-1999

・Engineering FL : Jan.1999

・Open operation : Dec.2000-


・~300MEuro for construction, ~20MEuro/yr

Science (last five years)

・proposal award rate 1/3 => 80 refereed papers/yr

Subaru telescope image size statistics
Subaru Telescope image size statistics

1 arcsec = 5 μrad

λ/D=0.06 arcsec (@λ=2μ)


Miyashita et al.

Best image ~0”2(K、R)Median seeing ~ 0”6 (R)

FWHM size distribution

すばる         岡山

0.“65 Median

Okayama 2.“2

Kiso 2.”7

Best image w/o AO

Instrument phase space 2009
Instrument Phase Space (2009)

Wavelength resolution


Operational aids
Operational Aids

  • 8 instruments at 4 foci,

  • 5(7) top units : 4 M2s, Suprime-Cam, (LGSLT, FMOS)

  • Semi-robotic Exchangers

Many massive components

to exchange!

Suprime-Cam, (FMOS)

M2 (Opt-Cs, Opt-Ns,

IR-Ns, IR tip-tilt)


AO188, IRCS,




Top unit exchanger system show exchange topunit 256 wmv
Top Unit Exchanger Systemshow Exchange_topunit_256.wmv

2 science achievements
2. Science Achievements

  • 1) High redshift galaxies

    Narrow-band imaging to survey for

    Lyman Alpha Emitters

  • 2) Hypernova – GRB connection

    Spectrophotometry of core-collapse


Subaru telescope

World record of the most distant galaxies


8m telescope



4m telescopes

IOK-1 (Iye et al. Nature 2006)

Subaru telescope

The most distant galaxy 12.8 Gyr ago (z=6.964).

Iye et al. 2006, Nature, 443, 186

1 / 41,533

Subaru telescope
Guinness record (for 1052 days)*New record will arrive at 95% confidence level at earliest in 27 days and at latest in 112 years.

@July 25, 2009

Subaru telescope

Cosmic Dawn

Beginning of reionization

LAEs are decreasing in number from z=5.7, z=6.6, to z=7.0 => Due to intergalactic absorption fo Lyman α photons by neutral hydrogen.

End of re-inoization

Connection of grb and hypernovae

SN 2003dh/

GRB 030329

SN 2002ap

Connection of GRB and Hypernovae

Polarimetric Spectroscopy

Kawabata, Mazzali,….

  • SN 2002ap

    • No GRB

    • Hypernova

    • Polarized SED shows high velocity


  • SN 2003dh/GRB 030329

    • Jet along the l-o-s.

    • Hypernova epoch back-dating coincided with GRB event

    • No polarization

Jet visible only from its direction





Scattered Light


Subaru telescope

188 element AO: first NGSAO image

6M$ LGSAO improved the image quality of 400M$ telescope by 10 times.

θ1 Ori C

Orion Trapezium IR image

Without AO (1999)

With 188 NGSAO (2006)

Sum frequency laser
Sum-frequency laser

13.5W(1064)+5.0W(1319)=>PPMgO:SLT=> 6.4W(NaD2)

Lgsao 2nd light movie
LGSAO 2nd light movie

  • LGSAO-video : replay from 08:20

Subaru telescope

WFMOS: 4000 fibers, optical

ASPEN intiative

Wide field multi 103.5 fiber spectrograph for cosmology and Galactic archeology.

(BAO, Dark energy,..)

Gemini borad cancellation

of WFMOS funding

NAOJ fund raising effort

for HFMOS …

Subaru synergy with tmt
Subaru Synergy with TMT

・TMT chose MK.

・Subaru is prepared

to strengthen its

wide field survey

capability with


for the ELT era.

・Time sharing among

8m class telescopes

to be arranged.