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Statistics Related to Subaru Telescope Open Use

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Statistics Related to Subaru Telescope Open Use - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Subaru Users Meeting 2009.1.14-16. Weather Condition Statistics at the Subaru Telescope. Recent Open-Use Related Statistics. Taken from Miyashita homepage ( / ). Statistics Related to Subaru Telescope Open Use.

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statistics related to subaru telescope open use

Subaru Users Meeting 2009.1.14-16

Weather Condition Statistics at the Subaru Telescope

Recent Open-Use Related Statistics

Taken from Miyashita homepage (

Statistics Related to Subaru Telescope Open Use

Probability of Proposed Observations Finally Being Realized

Submission “Inflation” on the Deadline Day …

Normal/Intensive Program

Service Program

Subaru Open Use Team

a ≡number of accepted proposals / number of submitted proposals (in which he/she was involved as PI)

Preliminary Notice for “S09B Call for Proposals”

People Involving Subaru Open Use

=How the Proposal Selection Proceeds?=

Time Schedule for S09B

January 2009 : Beginning of discussion/decision about the details for the S09B semester

(schedule, instruments to be opened, time exchange program, etc.)

February 6 (Fri):“Call for Proposals” starts

March 6 (Fri): Deadline for Normal/Intensive program proposals (12:00 JST, Noon)

mid- March : Grouping proposals into 7-8 categories (by TAC)

Nomination of referee candidates (by TAC)

(About 5 referees for each category, usually 3 Japanese and 2 foreigners)

mid to late- March: Inquiring each referee candidate whether he/she is willing to accept

(When declined, go to another candidate)

end of March : Sending review forms and proposals to referees

April 10 (Fri) : Deadline for Service program proposals (12:00 JST, noon)

mid-April : Sending Service proposals to TAC members

late-April : Receiving referee reports

mid-May : Time Allocation Committee (2 days)

Hearing of Intensive Program proposals

Selection of Normal/Intensive Program proposals based on referee scores

Tentative time allocation

Ranking of Service proposals

mid to late-May : Preparation for results notification (editing the referee/TAC comments)


by early June :Informing the results of Normal/Intensive Program proposal selection

Announcement of schedule and observing procedure

Informing the results of Service Program proposal selection

August 1: Start of S09B

=Subaru TAC Members=

Kazuhiro Shimasaku (Univ.of Tokyo): Chair

Mamoru Doi (Univ. of Tokyo) : Structure formation and Cosmology

Hideyo Kawakita (Kyoto Sangyo Univ.): Solar system and Extrasolar planets

Tadayuki Kodama (NAOJ): Galaxies and Clusters of galaxies

Takashi Murayama (Tohoku Univ.) : AGN and galaxies

Tetsuya Nagata (Kyoto Univ.) : Star/Planet formation and ISM

Takashi Onaka (Univ. of Tokyo): Stars

Toshikazu Shigeyama (Univ. of Tokyo) : General

Tomonori Totani (Kyoto Univ.) : General

=Subaru Open Use Team=

Hideki Takami : negotiation with Gemini/Keck

Yoichi Takeda : manager of proposal selection procedure

Nobunari Kashikawa : service program, electronic submission

Masatoshi Imanishi : scheduling and time-exchange program

Hiroshi Terada: operation

Yasushi Nakajima : electronic submission

Chie Yoshida : administrative assistant