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Am Lit . Great Gatsby Analysis Week. Am Lit Do Now: 3/11/13. Clear your desk except for Take out your study guide answer for ch . 8-9 Sheet of loose leaf for answer sheet Pen/pencil After quiz, take out chapter summary half sheet and begin gathering info until all are done with quiz.

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am lit

Am Lit

Great Gatsby Analysis Week

am lit do now 3 11 13
Am Lit Do Now: 3/11/13
  • Clear your desk except for
    • Take out your study guide answer for ch. 8-9
    • Sheet of loose leaf for answer sheet
    • Pen/pencil
  • After quiz, take out chapter summary half sheet and begin gathering info until all are done with quiz.
am lit reminders this week
Am Lit Reminders This Week
  • Make sure you are officially assigned a chapter group.
  • This week you are working on TWO presentations: chapter and character.
  • Mon/Tues: chapter group work
  • Wed/Thurs: character group work
  • Friday: 10 min. group meeting: last chance to talk to group in class
  • Powerpoints or technology visual aid is due Friday.
  • Presentations start Monday!
  • You are both gathering evidence to address the prompt (plot, symbols, basically what should we know about your chapter), and working on the presentation.
  • Use members wisely. Make the most of your time.
  • Assign each other homework. (Ask yourself, what needs to be done tonight in order for us to just be working on the presentation or visual on Tuesday.)
  • Today, you should have all the info you need for your 3-5 minute (timed) presentation.
  • Focus today on the presentation part: what is your visual? What is the speaking order? Who is saying what?
  • Groups who are on track for an A will be ready to PRACTICE PERFORMING the presentation today.
  • Assign yourself HW: can the group get together to practice during Dippy? HR? after school? Practice your parts in front of a mirror and people. Get feedback about how you can present better!
  • Find your character group members.
  • Look over the prompt from your novel packet
  • Review what you have so far. Add what you know now after finishing the book to the 6 aspects on the prompt
  • Assign yourself HW: Is your character group ready to focus on the presentation tomorrow? Or do you need to find more info/ do more research? Be ready to practice/ finish the presentation stuff tomorrow!
thursday last group work day
Thursday: Last Group Work Day
  • Find your character group.
  • Finalize anything you need to do for your group. Group should have assigned speaking parts, visual should be make or finished today. Group should (outloud) walk through their presentation at least once.
  • All technological visuals are due tomorrow! (For both groups) If time, talk to your chapter group today to make sure you are ready to go!
  • Last day to work with your group in class before you present
am lit do now 3 15 13
Am Lit: Do Now: 3/15/13
  • Turn in any extra credit assignments you have to the US MAIL
  • Respond: What makes Gatsby, “Great”? Does the narrator want us to like Gatsby? Why or not?
notes can be added under do now
Notes (can be added under Do Now)
  • Ch. 1 comments: Gatsby turned out already in the end. (He died, so Nick must be referring to him as a person)
  • “It is what preyed on Gatsby” Myer Wolfsheim?
  • Gatsby’s crucifixion image (heroic, Christ-like)
    • Carries the cross/mattress
    • Died as a sacrifice
great gatsby
Great Gatsby

1. Allusion to Carnival Magicians or Performers

“Step right up and see the “The Great …”

Gatsby as an illusionist. Nothing is real about him. Gatsby vsGatz

2. His great wealth and power acquired

3. His ability to dream and make his dreams a reality.

Dream gives his life meaning, unlike Tom


Gatsby likened to Ben Franklin

  • Rags to Riches
  • Agenda like Franklin’s
  • Made his own identity (symbolized in name change)
  • AKA Gatsby symbolizes the “American” or the American Spirit etc.