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lymphatic system and immunity n.
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Lymphatic System and Immunity PowerPoint Presentation
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Lymphatic System and Immunity

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Lymphatic System and Immunity
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Lymphatic System and Immunity

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  1. Lymphatic System and Immunity

  2. Be able to define the following and give examples: Humor -Fluid. Humoral Response. Immun -Free. Immunity. Inflamm -Setting on fire. Inflammation. Nod -Knot. Nodule. Patho -Disease. Pathogen. Gen • To be produced. Genetics.

  3. What system takes interstitial fluid back to the bloodstream?

  4. Lymphatic System googleimages

  5. How does lymphatic fluid move through the lymph vessels?

  6. Pressure from Motion

  7. What structures, located in the arm and leg pits, does the lymphatic fluid pass through on it’s way back to the circulatory system?What is the function of these structures?

  8. Lymph nodes. • Expose the lymph to lymphocytes. Fights infections. googleimages

  9. In which structure are T cells processed?

  10. In which organ do is the blood cleaned?

  11. googleimages

  12. How, specifically, is the blood cleaned in the spleen? googleimages

  13. Blood Cleaned in the Spleen • Blood flows through the capillaries in the red pulp. • Healthy red blood cells squeeze through the walls of the capillaries and enter the veinous sinuses. • The older, more fragile blood cells, rupture in this process and do not make it through. • The lymphocytes found in the white pulp, engulf and destroy the old, dead cells.

  14. What is non-specific immunity? List three types of non-specific immunity?

  15. Non specific immunity

  16. What is specific immunity? List the two types of specific immunity and explain how they are different.

  17. Specific Immunity -humoral response -cell mediated response

  18. Which cell is usually the first responder to a foreign invader?

  19. Macrophage: engulfs and destroys

  20. What happens after the macrophage engulf and destroys an antigen (foreign substance)?

  21. It displays part of the antigen (pathogen) on it’s cell surface for the Helper T cell to recognize.

  22. What does the Helper T Cell do in order to fight infection?

  23. Specific Immunity • Activates B Cells

  24. What is the role of the B Cells?

  25. -make antibodies

  26. kills the specific antigen What is the role of the killer T cell?

  27. Kill everything! What is the role of the non specific killer T?

  28. Why is a secondary immune response quicker and more potent?

  29. Memory cells!!!!