answer motte and bailey castle l.
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Answer: Motte and bailey castle

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Answer: Motte and bailey castle. The remains of a?. Castles?. Why were they built? Reasons Where were they built? Places How were they built? method. Review. Imagine you are in a castle in Norman times:

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  • Why were they built?
  • Reasons
  • Where were they built?
  • Places
  • How were they built?
  • method

Imagine you are in a castle in Norman times:

Tell me what you can see, hear or feel as you move around the castle, you can also include other senses in your description.

choosing a site for your castle
Choosing a site for your castle?

You are a Norman Baron who has decided to build a castle in your newly gained English lands.

Your castle must:

  • dominate the local English population
  • control traffic through the area
  • Be easily defended
  • Provide a home for the Baron and your family


  • Choose a grid square for your castle
  • Write down the reasons for your choice and why you felt other sites were unsuitable

(10 Minutes)

changing castles
Changing castles


  • to understand how castles changed.
  • to understand how the ways of attacking castles also changed.

(3 minutes)

design your castle
Design your castle?
  • You have 300 shillings to spend.
  • Use the castle shopping list to design your own castle and hire the people you need.
  • Draw a sketch and list the things you have chosen.
  • Using the how strong is your castle sheet. Decide which form attack would be the best for the enemy to use to attack your castle.
  • (20 minutes)
  • Highlight the 5 stages of development onto the plan of chepstow castle.
  • Use colour and a key
white board review
White board review

Draw or explain what the following are:

  • Curtain wall
  • Keep
  • Round towers
  • Murder holes
  • Draw bridge
  • Gaurderobe
  • Trebuchets
  • Mines
  • besieging


  • Complete local castle survey sheet.
  • By visiting or by the internet.
  • Subjects
  • Geography
  • Teachers
  • Mr metcalfe
  • YR7 history
  • Medivel Monarchs


websites to use
Websites to use

Carlisle castle

Cumbrian castles

Naworth castle