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Participation in the Mission PowerPoint Presentation
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Participation in the Mission

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Participation in the Mission - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Participation in the Mission
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  1. Participation in the Mission

  2. The Loaves and Fishes • “Give them food yourselves” • “… five loaves and two fishes are all we have…” • What were the disciples thinking at this point? • “What we have couldn’t be enough to feed all of these people” • We can’t give up what little we have” • Scarcity. • Jesus takes what they have and makes it enough.

  3. Jesus….. The disciples….. • Had to risk. They needed to tell Jesus what they had. And they had to offer that. • Had to ensure. He had to make them see that what they had to offer was, through him, enough.

  4. Why this story when talking about mission? • Often I find that people feel that what they have to offer is not enough. • I think our role is to make them see that what they have to offer and combined with what others offer is enough.

  5. Fr. Chaminade • “We hope to change the world indirectly, by attracting members and changing them.”

  6. What does this call us to do? • Invite involvement, find concrete ways to increase investment, keep integrating the mission into different aspects of school life. • Celebrate the moments when the mission is realized. • Celebrate intentional commitment to the mission when it happens.

  7. The Wedding Feast of Cana • How did those water jugs get filled? • Each held 20-30 gallons • The people would have either had to take the jugs to the water source or brought the water from the source to where the jugs were. • Any way that it happened (and it DID happen) it involved a number of people. • Cooperation

  8. Who are we supposed to attract? • Students • Teachers and Staff • Parents • Alums • Donors • Board Members

  9. Fr. Chaminade • “Let Christians form themselves in community and from their midst, they will shine forth as a sort of light which will make them the object of general attention. The individual will not necessarily be anything in these assemblies; it is the assemblies themselves which excite admiration.”

  10. How do we encourage the formation of such communities? • Begin with natural groupings. Schools are great places for natural groupings—departments, houses, classes, parent groups, alumni groups, etc. • Encourage these groups to find purpose, direction, and ways of formation that are consistent with the mission. • Provide times for gathering—often and in authentic, life-giving ways.

  11. Abundance or Scarcity? • Are my gifts abundant enough to make a difference or are they too scarce to matter? It is a matter of perspective! • In isolation we may not think that our gifts are useful, warranted, important enough, etc. • But in community, our gifts become part of something bigger.

  12. Role of Leadership • “When the best leader's work is done the people say, ‘We did it ourselves!’” -Lao Tsu

  13. Some Moments to Reflect • Pick one person or a specific group of persons (a department, a working group, etc) that you work with directly. In what ways can you see the gifts of the individual/group contributing to the mission? • How can you help them to see her/his/their contributions as part of the larger mission? • In what ways can you invite them to further understanding of/commitment to the mission?