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Ethnic Groups of Africa

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Ethnic Groups of Africa - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ethnic Groups of Africa. Ethnic groups:. Ethnic Groups in Africa: Bantu, Swahili, Ashanti and Arabs- share many common characteristics, such as language, physical features, customs and traditions. Religious Groups.

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ethnic groups
Ethnic groups:

Ethnic Groups in Africa: Bantu, Swahili, Ashanti and Arabs- share many common characteristics, such as language, physical features, customs and traditions

religious groups
Religious Groups

Major Religions in Africa: Traditional Beliefs, Christianity and Islam- people who share a common belief system, but not necessary composed of a single ethnic groups.

major differences between cultures
Major differences between cultures:

what makes them unique and differentiates them from other groups

Ashanti is a mixture of spiritual and supernatural powers

Bantu is a belief in the power of ancestors in everyday life

Includes Muslims and Christians

In Africa, the predominant religion for Arabs is Islam

Married local women and integrated

Muslim is now found throughout Africa

how did arab ethnicity spread
Arab traders lead caravans across the Sahara desert for salt and gold

Arabic language was necessary if you want to read Quran/Koran

How did Arab ethnicity spread?
what the ashanti believe
Ashanti believe in a supreme God, Nayme

Nayme’s children are the natural powers

All living things have souls

Also believe in





What the Ashanti Believe
ashanti family
Ancestors are given respect

Ceremonies for all steps of life





Ashanti Family
bantu history and culture
Bantu were known as farmers, animal herders, iron-making crafts

Spread south and east along continent

Following rivers and streams

Meet and married many new people and cultures

Bantu History and Culture
other religions on the bantu
Many Bantu settled in areas with a Muslim presence

Others lived in Christian areas

Some followed traditional animist religions (believe that spirits living in all things)

Other Religions on the Bantu
Mix of African and Muslim

Swahili means “one who lives on the coast” in Arabic

Most Swahili today are city dwellers

Jobs of fishing and trade

Most Swahili are Muslim

Follow a mixture of Muslim and Traditional African Culture called Mila.

  • Explain how Islam and Christianity came to Africa.
  • Explain the differences between Ashanti, Bantu and Swahili ethnic groups.