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sfo /SAFIR maY 2011 PowerPoint Presentation
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sfo /SAFIR maY 2011

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sfo /SAFIR maY 2011 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Multicentric evaluation of a new diffractive multifocal IOL : visual performance and patients ‘ satisfaction. P. Vo Tan, Paris N. Jabbur, Beyrouth S. Zaluski, Perpignan P. Rozot, Marseille J. Blondel, Nice G. Grabner, Salzbourg M.H Duret , Lille D. O’Brart , Londres.

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Presentation Transcript

Multicentricevaluationof a newdiffractivemultifocal IOL : visualperformanceandpatients‘ satisfaction

P. Vo Tan, Paris N. Jabbur, Beyrouth

S. Zaluski, Perpignan P. Rozot, Marseille

J. Blondel, Nice G. Grabner, Salzbourg M.H Duret, Lille D. O’Brart, Londres

sfo/SAFIR maY 2011

evaluation of the diffractiva aa humanoptics ag germany
Evaluation of the DIFFRACTIVA-aAHumanOptics AG (Germany)

1-month post-op

  • 20 patients with bilateral cataract
  • Mean age 71. 8 years (44-87)
  • Pre-Op astigmatism ≤ 1 dpt
  • Incision size 2.2/2.4 mm
  • IOL power= 21.1 ±1.4 dpt
  • Multifocal, Monobloc, HydrophilicAcrylic
  • Diffractive asphericanterior surface
  • Addition of +3.5 D (IOL plane)

SE Post-Op

  • Do you wear correcting glasses?

Youngest patient (44 years)

  • Are you satisfied with your vision?
defocus curve monocular

Diff Add (HumanOptics) +3,5 0 D (n=9)

AT LISA (Zeiss) Add +3,75 D (n=12)Micro F (Physiol) Add +3,50 et +1,75 D (n=5)

Ongoing study

M.H Duret, Lille

contrast sensitivity monocular

Mono (Aspira, n=30)

Roessler, Küchle WOC 2010

MH Duret

  • The new multifocal Diffractiva-aA provides excellent visual acuity at near and far distances as well as good intermediate distance results
  • The Diffractiva-aA is able to provide a high rate of spectacle independence and minimal photic phenomena at night
  • The excellent visual performance of the Diffractiva-aA is reflected by the high level of patients’ satisfaction
  • The defocus curves show that, as expected, the trifocal micro F (Physiol) provides better intermediate vision than the two bifocal IOLs but the Diffractiva-aA outperforms the AT-LISA (Zeiss).
  • The contrast sensitivity curves show that the Diffractiva-aA outperforms the other MIOLs when patients are tested under mesopic conditions and there is no loss of contrast sensitivity when compared to its monofocal counterpart (Aspira)