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TSA Competitions

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TSA Competitions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TSA Competitions. Different types. On-Site The competition will take place AT The College of New Jersey OR students PRESENT their findings Pre-Conference The competition is only JUDGED at The College of New Jersey- the majority of the work is done at school and brought to the competition.

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TSA Competitions

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    1. TSA Competitions

    2. Different types • On-Site • The competition will take place AT The College of New Jersey OR students PRESENT their findings • Pre-Conference • The competition is only JUDGED at The College of New Jersey- the majority of the work is done at school and brought to the competition

    3. Participation • Students can only participate in ONE on site event • Potential to participate in multiple if competitions are pre-conference

    4. Agriculture and Biotechnology • Teams of 2 members • Can have up to 3 different teams (6 students) • Challenge: Choose a challenging contemporary issue related to agriculture and biotechnology, and demonstrate understanding of the issue through research and effective presentation • Pre-Conference • Students will research the topic, prepare a binder of information and a display board and bring it to the competition

    5. Career Prep • Individual competition • Can have 2 participants • Pre-Conference • Challenge: Design and produce a cover letter and a chronological or skills resume based on research of a selected technology-related career from this list: • Nuclear Engineer • Database administrator • Information systems security professional • Software developer

    6. Challenging Technology Issues • Two teams • 2 students per team (4 students) • On-site • Challenge: Prepare and deliver a debate-style presentation explaining opposing views of a current technology issue from a choice of three provided at the competition

    7. Communication Challenge • One student • Pre-conference • Design and produce: • Trifold brochure that promotes chapter • Letterhead with sponsor letter • Postcard promoting TSA’s national service project

    8. Community Service Video • One team of students • Pre-conference • Plan and implement one or more fundraisers for the American Cancer Society • Create and submit a finished video that depicts the community service • No more than 2.5 minutes

    9. Digital Photography • Individual competition • 2 individual participants • Pre-Conference • Challenge: Produce an album and a 8” by 10” collage of digital photographs consisting of color or black and white digital photographs that present a theme in journalistic style. • Theme: Our Town

    10. Energy Source • One team of 2-3 students • Pre-conference • Conduct research on either renewable sources, nuclear energy, or fossil fuels and create: • Tri-fold brochure about the source • A promotional video that outlines the benefits of that source

    11. Environmental Focus • 2 students per team • 1 team may participate • On-Site • Challenge: Participants are to identify and research a specific environmental problem or issue that has been influenced by advancements in technology. They will gather information, analyze data, develop strategies and submit conclusion relative to the specific problem or issue. Students will present their findings in the form of a multimedia presentation

    12. Essays On Technology • Individual competition • 3 individuals may participate • On Site • Thoroughly research the announced topic and use the knowledge and the resources acquired to write a report on site that effectively addresses one of the selected subtopics • Topic: Trends in Social Networking • Subtopics: • Teenagers/Young Adults • Businesses/Corporations • Future Potential of Social Networking • You can prepare a handwritten 3x5 in note card for each subject to bring to the competition

    13. Inventions and Innovations • 5 members per team • 1 team per chapter • On-Site • Investigate and determine the need for an invention or innovation of a device, system or process. Brainstorm possible solutions and determine the best idea for the invention or innovation. Team members will: 1)create a prototype or model 2) develop a stand alone multimedia presentation and 3) document work completed as they prepare to promote and demonstrate their idea

    14. Leadership Strategies • On Site • One team • Three students per team • Demonstrate leadership and team skills by responding to a specific leadership challenge that officers of a TSA chapter might encounter. Teams get the problem and have one hour to create a written action plan

    15. Medical Technology Issues • On Site • Teams of 2 • Participants conduct research on a contemporary medical technology issue of their choosing, document their research, and create a display. The information may include student-performed research or a re-creation or simulation of research performed by the scientific community. If appropriate, a model or prototype depicting some aspect of the issue may be included in the display.

    16. Prepared Speech • Individual competition • One student may participate • On-Site • Develop and deliver a speech on the topic: Designing Your Dreams • Must be less between 3-5 minutes

    17. Problem Solving • 2 students per team • 1 team per chapter • Work effectively as a team to manipulate and process materials using only tools designated. An objective measurement is used to determine the best solution given to the problem. • Given a problem with a bag of materials, 2 hours to create a solution

    18. STEM Animation • One team of three students • Pre-Conference • Allows participants to develop a scientific and/or technical visualization focusing on one (1) or more of the following areas: science, technology, engineering, and/ or mathematics. • May use computer graphic tools and design processes to communicate, inform, analyze and/or illustrate a topic, idea, subject, or concept. Sound may accompany the graphic images.

    19. Structural Model • 2 members on a team • Only 1 team may participate • On-site • Challenge: Research, model, and test a structure designed to hold the greatest load. Each team is given a selected span (12 inches) to be tested and must plan and then construct a model using the supplied materials within 1.5 hours. The model is submitted for destructive testing

    20. Tech Bowl • 3 students per team • 1 team per chapter • On-site • First written test on technology topics, then quiz bowl type “game show” with similar questions

    21. Technical Design • Pre-conference • Team of 2 students • Given a design brief online that includes a problem statement and specific criteria and constraints, students have two days to design a solution • Challenge not given until February-March

    22. Water Infrastructure • One team of 2-3 students • On-Site • Theme: The Impact of Green Infrastructures on Communities • Participants conduct research on the posted water infrastructure topic, document their research, and develop a multimedia presentation around the topic.

    23. The End Any Questions?