water stewardship at coca cola l.
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Water Stewardship at Coca-Cola

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Water Stewardship at Coca-Cola - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Water Stewardship at Coca-Cola . Jon Radtke Water Resource Sustainability Manager Coca-Cola North America. And yet we ’ re truly a local business. Coca-Cola: A Global Business with a Local Reach. Countries we operate in Franchise bottling partners Number of brands, worldwide

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water stewardship at coca cola

Water Stewardship at Coca-Cola

Jon Radtke

Water Resource Sustainability Manager

Coca-Cola North America


And yet we’re truly a local business

Coca-Cola: A Global Business with a Local Reach

Countries we operate in

Franchise bottling partners

Number of brands, worldwide

Manufacturing plants

Servings per day







TCCC Global Water Stress: 2008 Update


Production Volume

Classified - Internal use

business case
Business Case

Water is:

  • The main ingredient in all of our beverages
  • Essential to our manufacturing processes
  • A life-sustaining resource for the communities and ecosystems that make our business possible
  • A key component of many of our ingredients, including sugar

“Water is not just important to our businesses. It is critical to the communities we serve. We cannot have a sustainable business unless the communities we serve are sustainable themselves.”

E. Neville Isdell


A 10-year Vision for Water Stewardship

Best-in-class in water use efficiency & compliance on wastewater management

1. Improve Plant


2. Help Protect Watersheds

Support the protection of watersheds in water-stressed regions where we operate


3. Support Community Initiatives

Help enable equitable access to clean drinking water in underserved communities where we operate

4. Make a Global Difference

Help mobilize the International Community

our water conservation goal
Our Water Conservation Goal

Our water conservation goal is to return to communities and nature an amount of water equivalent to what we use in all of our beverages and their production

Water Efficiency


Stringent Wastewater Treatment Standards


Support Healthy Watersheds and Sustainable Community Water Programs


watershed partnerships can replenish water sources
Watershed Partnerships Can Replenish Water Sources

North America system has over 50 active watershed projects


Flint River Basin partnership with The Nature Conservancy

  • Funded by the TCCC Foundation
  • Variable rate irrigation
  • Reducing farm water use by 17%
  • Project saves hundreds of millions of liters per year

Replenish: Conserving Freshwater Resources

US Southeast Rivers and Streams

  • Facing highest extinction rates in North America due to degraded water quality from population growth, poorly planned development, agriculture, mining and forestry operations
  • Goal: To harmonize urban growth with the protection of the basin by increasing sustainable water policies and practices
assess source vulnerability assessment process
Assess: Source Vulnerability Assessment Process
  • SVA Process Includes:
    • Hydrology/Hydrogeology
    • Land use
      • Pollution sources
      • Competing users
    • Regional Water Supply Plans
    • Climatic Effects
      • i.e., drought susceptibility
    • Water Rights, Permits and Policies
    • Social/Community Issues
  • Plant Water Resource Management Team
  • Output – Source Protection Plan
vulnerability assessment land use
Vulnerability Assessment – Land Use


Recreation (hunt clubs)


Beef Cattle

Row and Hay Crops*

Dairy Operations*

Sand Mining*

Rural Residential


Old Phosphate Mining

*Activities of high concern.


Ginnie Springshed Model

  • Sustainability
    • Healthy Watersheds