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ColdFusion & SharePoint

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ColdFusion & SharePoint - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sponsored by:. (No, not really). “Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together!”. ColdFusion & SharePoint. PRESENTED BY: . David Wilson Brown. Lead Web Developer, Europa Sports Products. Major Abbreviations Used. CF = ColdFusion CF9 = ColdFusion 9 (released October 5th 2009)

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two great tastes that taste great together

Sponsored by:

(No, not really)

“Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together!”

ColdFusion & SharePoint





Lead Web Developer,

Europa Sports Products

major abbreviations used
Major Abbreviations Used

CF = ColdFusion

CF9 = ColdFusion 9 (released October 5th 2009)

SP = SharePoint

SP 2010 = SharePoint 2010 (to be released late 2009)

SSO = Single Sign-On


Intro: Why CF & SP together?


Page Viewer Web Parts



Single Sign-On access

SP 2010?

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Pure Speculation
why cf sp together
Why CF & SP together?

ColdFusion is a rapid application development platform whose language, CFML is comparable to ASP, JSP & PHP, but more closely resembles HTML in syntax. ColdFusion is most often used for data-driven web sites, but can also be used to generate remote services such as SOAP web services or Flash remoting.

SharePoint is becoming the ubiquitous corporate team collaboration tool, often times used as a company’s Intranet.

why cf sp together1
Why CF & SP together?

Many companies use ColdFusion for their external websites and some for their Intranet.

The growth of SharePoint is such that many companies with current ColdFusion development are bringing SharePoint in-house as well.

why cf sp together2
Why CF & SP together?

So a big request has been how to save the long developed ColdFusion apps with the move to a SharePoint based Intranet (for example)

We were one of those requesting…

ben forta s blog adobe s director of platform evangelism
Ben Forta’s Blog(Adobe’s Director of Platform Evangelism)

3/18/08 - What Would You Want From ColdFusion Microsoft SharePoint Integration?

“We are a ColdFusion house. Our external website will always be ColdFusion (I hope!), but I have gotten my team to use WSS for several years and we are now looking to upgrade to MOSS 2007 within the month. We will then begin the process of changing our corporate intranet (which is now CF based) to a SharePoint portal. Being in that situation, I would love to see:1. A ColdFusion web part for SharePoint where ColdFusion applications can act normally within SharePoint structure. I would love to save some of our current CF applications and utilize them within SharePoint. 2. A CF tag that would help add a list item to a list in SharePoint. I think the big stumbling block to adding a list item is some proprietary code (GUID) that MS puts into a list item record. Determining the appropriate value for the code would be the main thing necessary, I think.Thanks Ben. I am excited to see an interest in what I thought was a fairly unique situation that we were in.” – Me 3/24/08

assumptions going forward
Assumptions going forward
  • You have some knowledge of CF
  • You have some knowledge of SharePoint
  • You care to hear more about this topic
  • You generally like me, at least from what you’ve seen of me thus far
pre coldfusion 9
Pre-ColdFusion 9

Stone Chisel

page viewer w eb parts
Page Viewer Web Parts
  • Add Page Viewer web part to any page
  • Point the web part to a ColdFusion template via URL
  • Resize the web part to fit the content
  • Voilà

Adding Web Part w/ ColdFusion

From the SharePoint Server page, click Modify Shared Page.

Select Add Web Part.

Click Browse from the pop-up menu. The Web Parts list appears.

Select Page Viewer Web Part.

Click Add. The Page Viewer Web Part loads.

Click the Open the Tools Pane link.

Specify the URL of the ColdFusion application in the URL text field. The ColdFusion application loads within the Web Part.


coldfusion 9
ColdFusion 9

Hal 9000

  • Could it be any more obvious?
  • Allows your ColdFusion server to communicate to and from your SharePoint instance.
  • The following is an Adobe example.


  • action="addlist" domain=“<your domain>”
  • userName=“<your user name>”
  • password=“<your password>”params="#{ listname ="getpics", description="This a picture library list", templateId= "109 " }#"/>
  • <! --- Creates a folder within the picture library list ---> <cfsharepoint action ="create new folder" domain=“<your domain>”
  • userName=“<your user name>”
  • password=“<your password>” name="collection1" params="#{strListName="getpics", strParentFolder=""}#"/>

<!--- Uploads pictures to the folder that you created ---> <cfscript> myimage = filereadbinary(expandpath("Bird.jpg")); //convert the image into byte array to pass as input for "upload" action. </cfscript>

  • <cfsharepoint action="upload"
  • domain=“<your domain>”
  • userName=“<your user name>”
  • password=“<your password>” params="#{strListName="testpics", strfolder="Collection1", bytes="#myimage#", filename="bird.jpg", fOverwriteifexist=true}#"/>
single sign on
Single Sign-On
  • Allows your ColdFusion app to utilize the AD login from SharePoint.
  • CF9 ships with SSO Web Part (CF9SSOWebPart.wsp)
    • Deploy to your MOSS
  • Benefit is to capitalize on SharePoint Permission Hierarchies to limit what a user can do.
taking it to the next level
Taking it to the Next Level
  • You have the SP Page Viewer web part
    • So why not build a Flex App…
      • To run with a CF9 backend…
        • Which would be able to affect SharePoint list items!
  • EXAMPLE (sort of)
features in sp 2010
Features in SP 2010
  • Server software 64-bit ONLY
  • Menu interface change
    • If SharePoint 2007 = Office XP, then SharePoint 2010 = Office 2007
  • Silverlight web parts
  • Holographic Laser Shows (just kidding)
  • No word yet on how SP 2010 will effect CF9 integration



David Wilson Brown

  • Ben Forta’s SharePoint in CF9 announcement:
  • CF9 SharePoint integration:
  • CF9 Beta Hosting:
  • Good Blog with CFSharepoint content