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ITCC CougarNet Briefing

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ITCC CougarNet Briefing. Dennis Fouty, Ph.D. Associate Vice Chancellor, University of Houston System Associate Vice President, University of Houston Mary Dickerson, MCSE CougarNet Project Manager February 28, 2003. Agenda. Overview UH Windows Environment CougarNet Project Status.

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Presentation Transcript
itcc cougarnet briefing
ITCC CougarNet Briefing

Dennis Fouty, Ph.D.

Associate Vice Chancellor, University of Houston System

Associate Vice President, University of Houston

Mary Dickerson, MCSE

CougarNet Project Manager

February 28, 2003

  • Overview
  • UH Windows Environment
  • CougarNet
  • Project Status
what is cougarnet
What is CougarNet?
  • Name for UH Active Directory domain
    • Formerly: Windows 2000 Project, Active Directory Project
    • Project name change to CougarNet
  • Active Directory – Infrastructure architecture by Microsoft for enterprise environments
what is cougarnet1
What is CougarNet?
  • A campus infrastructure for Windows resources based on Active Directory
    • User accounts
    • Computers and servers
  • Expansion & enhancement of Windows services currently provided by IT
    • File and print services
    • Account management
  • An opportunity for collaboration among campus computing groups
    • Infrastructure planning
cougarnet goals
CougarNet Goals
  • Collaboration vs. control
  • Better managed environment
  • More resource control at the local level
  • Leveraging of campus resources
  • Increased security
critical success factors
Critical Success Factors
  • UH Colleges & Divisions Involved in CougarNet Design & Implementation
  • Implementation of MOU’s between IT-CTS and participating colleges/divisions
  • Comprehensive campus communications plan
  • AD training provided by IT
  • Integration of official UH data feed into account management process
  • Integration of CougarNet project & other IT initiatives
cougarnet a well planned effort
CougarNet: A Well Planned Effort
  • Within IT
    • Representatives from all departments
    • Dedicated test lab environment
  • Within Campus – Windows Infrastructure Planning Team
    • Appointed representatives-Colleges & Divisions
    • Communication plans for campus
  • Among Enterprise Vendors
    • Microsoft
    • HP/Compaq
    • Quest Software
    • Lucent Consulting
  • Project Recognized by Microsoft
    • Presentation by Chuck Shomper at MS Higher Ed CIO Summit, Redmond WA
    • Presentations by Project Team at multiple MS Workshops
project milestones
Project Milestones


Domain restructuring project - cancelled


November – IT Win2K Project Team Formed


February – Windows 2000 AD software available

April – Executive Briefing for IT Management

May – Test Lab Established in Computing Center

November – Campus Workshops by Project Team

project milestones1
Project Milestones


February – Project Team expanded to include College/Division representatives

April – First meeting of campus-wide Windows Infrastructure Planning Team


January – Implementation of “CougarNet” AD

March – Project timeline defined with campus reps.

June – UH System AD issues defined for CIOs

September – CougarNet MOU draft reviewed with campus representatives

November – CougarNet MOU distributed for signature

October – December – Meetings w/campus groups re: CougarNet

project milestones2
Project Milestones


January - February

Continued meetings w/campus groups re: CougarNet

Implementation of Account Management System

OU Administrator training held this week

June – Target project completion date

uh windows infrastructure
UH Windows Infrastructure
  • Current Windows NT environment
  • Why Active Directory?
  • AD Implementation at UH
  • Project Lifecycle
  • CougarNet Infrastructure
    • ER.UH.EDU (Empty Root Domain)
    • Cougarnet.UH.EDU (Account Domain)
    • Top-level OU’s – Colleges/Divisions

Current Windows Infrastructure

  • Multiple domains/different administrators
    • High support costs
    • Security issues
  • Inability to sub-divide administration
    • Current NT limitation
    • Required separate domains
  • Multiple trust relationships
    • Managed by many administrators
    • Adds considerable complexity
  • Not campus-inclusive
    • No Windows “backbone” for everyone
    • Does not scale campus-wide
why active directory
Why Active Directory?

Windows Infrastructure Solution

  • Ability for distributed management
    • Resource administration closer to user
  • Simplification of current environment
    • Domain consolidation
    • Decreased support costs
  • Interoperability w/ non-Microsoft services
  • Increased security and auditing
windows 2000 security
Windows 2000 Security
  • Security of OS is much improved over Windows NT
  • AD provides opportunity for local support staff to configure resources with tighter security
  • UH implementation allows for tight security on CougarNet domain controllers – improvement over current NT domain controllers
  • Account Management process increases account security and provides audit capabilities
ad implementation at uh
AD Implementation at UH
  • IT Windows 2000 Project Team
    • Identified key deployment issues
    • IT Executive Briefing–decision to implement AD
    • Provided foundation for support & communications
  • Representatives appointed by colleges/divisions
    • Representative profile created
  • Infrastructure Requirements
    • Interoperability with existing network services
    • Collaboration with PeopleSoft implementation
    • Use of existing staff and resources
example 1 college implementation
Example 1: College Implementation
  • Pharmacy Division OU - PHA
  • No sub-OUs
  • All computers and groups managed by same support staff
example 2 it implementation
Example 2: IT Implementation
  • One IT Division OU
  • Delegated Sub-OU’s for each IT Dept.: ES, CTS, TSS, SDR, VC-VPIT
  • MOU’s for each Department designating sub-OU contacts
cougarnet mou
CougarNet MOU
  • Originally - Service Level Agreement
  • Goal 1: Define services provided by CTS
  • Goal 2: Define college/division contacts
  • Only addresses Windows issues for participants
    • Does not involve non-MS clients
    • Does not involve MS clients not participating
    • Does not address Exchange issues
college division options
College/Division Options

Option 1:

Decision to participate in CougarNet

  • College/Division signs MOU with CTS
  • OU Structure defined by College/Division
  • Migration priorities/concerns defined by College/Division
  • Migration of users/resources
  • Clean-up/redeployment of NT resources
college division options1
College/Division Options

Option 2:

Decision not to participate in CougarNet

  • If currently independent, nothing further to do
  • If currently utilizing an IT domain, planning must occur to migrate users/resources to new domain maintained by college/division

Note: Decision not to participate in CougarNet may impact future access to some enterprise resources

benefits of cougarnet
Benefits of CougarNet
  • Single user account for access to most Windows Enterprise resources campus-wide
  • PeopleSoft is in the CougarNet AD
  • Delegated administration for local support staff
  • Ability for colleges/divisions to sub-divide administration of local resources
  • User management is handled through Remedy by Local units and TSS staff
  • Automated account management system with official UH data feed
  • Increased security
  • Dedicated home directory space for each user: Faculty/Staff – 200 MB, Students – 50 MB
drawbacks of cougarnet
Drawbacks of CougarNet
  • Remedy license required for user account management (1 license provided by CTS)
  • All user accounts created through Remedy
  • Inherently, Enterprise AD administrators have ability to take ownership of AD resources. Procedure is defined in CougarNet MOU.
current project status
Current Project Status
  • Production environment in place since Jan. 2002
  • Signed MOUs or verbal commitments received from 18 of 27 top-level OUs.
  • NT account migrations in progress
  • Individual college/division issues being addressed
windows 2000 project cougarnet
Windows 2000 Project - CougarNet

Web Site:

Email Address:

[email protected]

Project Team Leader:

Mary Dickerson, MCSE

Email: [email protected]