pompey the great gnaius 106 48 bce n.
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Pompey the Great (Gnaius) – 106-48 BCE PowerPoint Presentation
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Pompey the Great (Gnaius) – 106-48 BCE

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Pompey the Great (Gnaius) – 106-48 BCE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pompey the Great (Gnaius) – 106-48 BCE. By: Dominique Dews . Pompey”s Birth.

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Pompey”s Birth

  • CNEIUS POMPEIUS MAGNUS, was born in 106 B.C. At the early age of 17 he began to learn the military art under his father, PompeiusStarbo, by service in the field against the Italians in the Social war. Though so young he gave proof of extraordinary valor, and of remarkable energy of character.

Social war began in 91-88 BC when the Italian allies revolted.

  • First wife, Antistia(In 82 B.C., Sulla persuaded Pompey to divorce Antistia in order to remarry his stepdaughter, Aemilia.)
  • Second wife, AemiliaScaura(She was reluctant to marry Pompey, but did so, anyway, and soon died in childbirth.)

Pompey appears to have been a faithful and passionate husband. His marriages, however, were probably made for political convenience.

marriages con
  • Third wife, Mucia(However, it isn't clear why Pompey divorced Mucia.)
  • Fourth wife Julia(In 54 B.C., Julia was pregnant again. She died in childbirth as she gave birth to a daughter who lasted only a few days.)
  • Fifth wife, Cornelia Metella(Pompey joined her there and from there they went to Egypt where Pompey was killed.)

Pompey Victories

  • With the war in Italy over, he executed GnaeusPapiriusCarbo and his supporters out of hand, which may have led to his dubbing as the adulescenscarnifex (adolescent butcher). In 81 BC, he moved on to the Roman province of Africa, where he defeated GnaeusDomitiusAhenobarbus and the Numidian king Hiarbas, after a hard-fought battle.
48 BC– Caesar defeats Pompey's army near Pharsalus, Greece. Pompey retreats to Egypt and is killed there

Pompey retreating back to Egypt


On September 28, Pompey was invited to leave his ships and come ashore at Pelusium. As he prepared to step onto Egyptian soil, he was treacherously struck down and killed by an officer of Ptolemy.

Pompey beginning killed

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