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Jeopardy Extravaganza

Jeopardy Extravaganza. Jeopardy Review Game. By: Your Talented SSV Shikshikas. Mahabharat. Arts &Dance. Ramayana. Festivals. Gods/ Goddesses. Hindu History. Social Workers. $100. $100. $100. $100. $100. $100. $100. $200. $200. $200. $200. $200. $200. $300. $300. $300.

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Jeopardy Extravaganza

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  1. Jeopardy Extravaganza Jeopardy Review Game By: Your Talented SSV Shikshikas

  2. Mahabharat Arts &Dance Ramayana Festivals Gods/ Goddesses Hindu History Social Workers $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $200 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 DOUBLE JEOPARDY!

  3. The Pandavas escaped from a house made of this.  

  4. What is Wax?

  5. This was the name of Nakul and Sahadev's mother.  

  6. Who is Madri?

  7. This is Bheeshma's real name.  

  8. Who is Devavrata?

  9. This was the mother of Sage Vedavyasa.   

  10. Who is Satyavati ?

  11. This brother of the Kauravas switched to the side of the Pandavas right before the battle .

  12. Who is Yuyutsu ?

  13. This art is drawn daily to welcome the Goddess Mahalakshmi in our homes.

  14. What is Rangoli/Kolam?

  15. This text written by Bharata Muni is the earliest Indian text in the history of performing arts.   

  16. What is Natya Shastra?

  17. These famous shrines cut out of rock are found in Aurangabad in Maharashtra. 

  18. What is Ajanta and Ellora Caves ?

  19. One of the two forms of classical dance originated in the state of Kerala.   

  20. What are Kathakali and Mohiniattam ?

  21. This is the name of a well known festival and folk dance performed by both men and women of Assam.   

  22. What is Bihu?

  23. He is the author of Ramayana

  24. Who is Valmiki?

  25. Vaali ruled this kingdom.

  26. What is Kishkinda?

  27. The name of Lakshmana’s wife.

  28. Who is Urmila?

  29. While abducting Sita, Ravana takes help of this demon.

  30. Who is Mareecha?

  31. Indrajeet hit Lakshmana with this weapon that made Lakshmana unconcious and he was brought to normal only after Hanuman brought the medicine for him. Name the weapon .

  32. What is Brahmastra?

  33. Hindu new year is celebrated on this day.

  34. What is Ugadi?

  35. Kids play with these on Makar Sankranti

  36. What are kites?

  37. Onam is celebrated in this state of India.

  38. What is Kerala?

  39. Holi (Color of Festivals) is celebrated in this month of Hindu Calendar.

  40. What is Phalguna?

  41. The day Narkasur was killed which is also the first day of Diwali.

  42. What is Narak-Chaturdashi ?

  43. He is the second born son of Shiva and Parvati and worshipped before starting any new activities.

  44. Who is Ganesha?

  45. She is the Goddess of Knowledge and all literary arts including music, arts, and speech. She is also worshiped as the Goddess of thoughts of truth and forgiving. She is first mentioned in the RigVeda.

  46. Who is Saraswati?

  47. Her name translates to "She of the mountains" and refers to her being born as the daughter of Himavan, lord of the mountains. In many interpretations of the scriptures, she is regarded as a representation of Shakti or Durga. Her other names include Himani, Gauri, Aparna and many hundreds of others.

  48. Who is Parvati?

  49. Lord Vishnu appeared in this fourth incarnation to savethe life of his devotee Prahlada who had been constantly tortured by his father the demon Hiranyakashipu for his devotion to Lord Vishnu.

  50. Who is Narasimha?

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