student achievement data reporting n.
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Student Achievement data reporting PowerPoint Presentation
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Student Achievement data reporting

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Student Achievement data reporting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Student Achievement data reporting. CCSD August 2014. ASSESSMENT DATA What is its purpose?. Monitor our student achievement progress through standardized assessment: trends, comparisons, and big picture lens

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Student Achievement data reporting

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assessment data what is its purpose
ASSESSMENT DATAWhat is its purpose?
  • Monitor our student achievement progress through standardized assessment: trends, comparisons, and big picture lens
  • Report progress, gaps, and goals to our stake holders: CCSD families, school board and SIAC, school teams, and the state
  • Set goals for growth and closing achievement gaps based on identified trend data
assessment data what isn t its purpose
  • Drive instruction—it is not used in a formative way as a primary resource to drive instructional groups or daily planning
  • Judge schools or districts—good vs. bad
  • Drive curriculum choices or instructional design
what are your big picture thoughts
  • What does the data overtime tell us?
  • What does the “zoom in” data tell us about grade levels and subgroups?
  • What can we celebrate?
  • What goals do we need to set?



ayp even a closer look
AYP—Even a closer look
  • NCLB requires schools to meet AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress)
  • Achieve a state set objective for proficiency in reading and math – grades 3rd-5th
  • The proficiency level has increased across years, this year’s objective was 100% proficient
why our elementary schools did not make reading ayp
Why our elementary schools did not make reading AYP
  • In 2013-2014, Prairie 4th grade students in the designated schools did not meet the AYP goal of 100% or the growth formula in the area of Reading
  • In 4th grade 69.78 - 77.27% of the total tested students on the Iowa Assessments were proficient and in the white sub-group 70.51-82.84% of students were proficient
  • Hill was designated as SINA because the majority of it’s students came from a SINA school
celebration improvement in relation to ayp
  • Our Elementary teaching and para-professional staff are considered “highly qualified” according to the definitions of NCLB
  • All of our elementary schools tested 100% of our students and met the required 95% participation rate
  • All of our elementary buildings showed improvement in the area of math and none are SINA schools this year
continuous improvement
Continuous Improvement
  • Collaborating through grade-level learning teams to monitor student data to guide instruction
  • Fostering students’ ability to create high quality work through goal setting and self- and peer-assessment
  • Developing and implementing formative assessments to differentiate instruction
  • Implementing flexible, small group and individualized instruction to improve students’ skills