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Let’s celebrate Halloween! PowerPoint Presentation
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Let’s celebrate Halloween!

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Let’s celebrate Halloween! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Let’s celebrate Halloween!. Halloween. Customs and traditions Vocabulary related to the topic Writing time Let’s play Bingo Let’s sing along : Ghostbusters Project work. Customs and traditions. In the USA and in Britain, people celebrate the night of the 31st of October.

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Let’s celebrate Halloween!

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    1. Let’scelebrate Halloween!

    2. Halloween Customsandtraditions Vocabularyrelated to thetopic Writing time Let’s play Bingo Let’ssingalong: Ghostbusters Projectwork

    3. Customsandtraditions In the USA and in Britain, people celebrate the night of the 31st of October.

    4. Halloween is time for funandparties. People wear masks and dress as ghosts, witches and monsters.

    5. Halloween is time for funandparties. Children go from house to house and say: “TrickorTreat“

    6. Some symbolsof Halloween Pumpkin Jack-o`-lantern

    7. Bat Black cat Broom Ghost

    8. Vampire Monster Candle Owl

    9. Skeleton Moon Sweets Masks

    10. Wizard Frog Spider Witch

    11. Let’swrite Replacethepicturesbythecorrespondingwords. Copythetextintoyourexercisebook.

    12. Halloween iscelebrated in , andonthe 31st . dressup as , , and. They use to make. Theygofrom to andsay: “Trickor “.

    13. Let’s play a game: BINGO • Write a word from the list, in each square. • The teacher says a word. • Cross the word out. • When you finish you say “Bingo”.

    14. If there's something strangein your neighbourhoodWho yagonna call? GHOSTBUSTERSIfthere'ssomethingweirdanditdon't look goodWhoyagonnacall?GHOSTBUSTERSI ain'tafraidof no ghostsI ain'tafraidof no ghostsIfyou'reseeingthingsrunningthroughyourheadWho can yacall?GHOSTBUSTERSAninvisiblemansleeping in yourbedWhoyagonnacall?GHOSTBUSTERSI ain't afraid of no ghostsI ain't afraid of no ghostsRay Parker Jr., Ghostbusters(shortened)

    15. ProjectWork • Decorate your classroom with the symbols of Halloween. • Dress up as vampires, ghosts, witches,... • Organize a mask or a pumpkin carving contest and choose the most creative one. Havefun!