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Divine Encounter

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Divine Encounter. Magazine. 2011-2012 media kit. Quick Overview. Frequency: Monthly Issues Per Year: 12 Readership: Approx- 65,000 First Publication: October, 2011 Pages: 40 - 48 full color pages Total Prints: 10,000 units Digital Circulation: 25,000

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Divine Encounter


2011-2012 media kit

quick overview
Quick Overview
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Issues Per Year: 12
  • Readership: Approx- 65,000
  • First Publication: October, 2011
  • Pages: 40 - 48 full color pages
  • Total Prints: 10,000 units
  • Digital Circulation: 25,000
  • Denomination: Cross-denominational
  • Subscription Price: $24.99
artwork specs
Artwork Specs


Charges for Artwork Not Meeting our Specifications - Any artwork that does not meet the specifications below will have to be redesigned by our Art Department. This will incur an extra charge of $75 per hour with a half hour minimum, i.e. $38.50 minimum charge.

2. Important: Naming Your Ad File - Please name your: Email, file, and CD/disk to the below specifications, so we can clearly identify your artwork. Include: Your organization's name, for which magazine, specific month, advert size. Eg. Media Inc Ad for DE Nov’11 Full page OR Media Inc Ad for DE Nov/Dec’09 Please DO NOT simply call it “DE Ad” as this will not uniquely identify your ad.

3. Electronic Delivery - E-mail only a file under 10 MB. You can save a TIFF or EPS file as a JPEG and attach it using Bin-Hex (otherwise it will lose its identity). NB: You cannot put it in the note. It must be an attachment.

4. Delivery to us on a CD. Address it to: The Art Department, Brain Media Group, 1884 Dean Road, Jacksonville, FL 32216, USA.

5. Compression - The files may be compressed using Zip It for IBM format files, Disk Doubler and Stuffit for Mac.

6. Full Page Ads - All full page ads must have a 5mm bleed all around.

7. Where to send Artwork - Please send all advertising artwork to

artwork specs1
Artwork Specs


Your designer supplying the finished digital artwork a. Finished Digital Artwork Please supply electronically direct to our designer (on CD/disk or email). Designer’s contact details at bottom of the form. b. Formats of Finished Artwork Only Acceptable: Please note if your artwork doesn’t meet the below formats then it is NOT finished artwork – and will incur a design fee as stated above. • Preferred Format: Adobe InDesign, PC. Please include fonts. • Format of Digital Photos/Illustrations/ Logos: Please ensure photos are saved as follows: • Color -CYMK - 300 dpi. Note: Do not send anything as RGB or Indexed color.

2. All colors - both Pantone and Process - to be in CYMK. c. TIFF / EPS / JPEG Complete digital artwork supplied as a TIFF, EPS, or JPEG picture file (turns your artwork into a photograph): • Color -CYMK Note: To have clear text, the file must be 300 dpi. Tip – this can be quite simple to do in some programs, et CorelDRAW, IBM. Simply export to a 300dpi TIFF file and convert all text to line art so the fonts won’t be a problem!

3. Brain Media Group, LLC Designing Your Ad * Please note, that if this option is taken, this will incur an extra charge of $66 per hour for design – with a half hour minimum – i.e. $33 minimum charge. If you require us to undertake this work, you need to supply all copy, illustrations etc., by agreed deadline, direct to our designer. Please supply the following:

a. Pictures/Illustrations/Photos: Either supplied as prints for scanning or 300 dpi scans – on CD/disk or emailed.

b. Logos: Logos must be supplied on CD/disk or email (separate to main file)

c. Text: Text sent as a Microsoft Word file (CD/disk or email) IMPORTANT: PageMaker/Publisher files are not acceptable.

contact details
Contact Details


PH: (904) 265 0765

Ethel Nwanegbo:


Art Director:

PH: (904) 242--------

La Tonya Lockhart

Graphic Designer: