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Comet Encounter

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Comet Encounter. Comet 177P / Barnard 2 will rendezvous with NGC 6543 (Cat's eye nebula) on Sept. 19 th The objects will be just over 1 degree apart Both are about 9th magnitude Great photo opportunity!. Close Encounter. 12 th September Moon passes through Pleiades, occulting two stars

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comet encounter
Comet Encounter
  • Comet 177P / Barnard 2 will rendezvous with NGC 6543 (Cat's eye nebula) on Sept. 19th
  • The objects will be just over 1 degree apart
  • Both are about 9th magnitude
  • Great photo opportunity!
close encounter
Close Encounter
  • 12th September
  • Moon passes through Pleiades, occulting two stars
    • 27 Tauri reappears at 22.33
    • 28 Tauri reappears at 22.35
  • Another great photo opportunity!
september tv radio
The Sky at Night

“The Sun and The Moon”

Patrick Moore: SMART-1

Chris Lintott: Solar B & Stereo

Saturday 9th BBC1, 12.00 – 12.20

The Cosmic Hunters

“Cosmic Dawn”

Chris Riley: Astronomershunting the 1st stars

Wednesday 13th Radio 4, 21.00-21.30

Star City

Cosmonaut Training Centre, Moscow

Friday 8th, Radio 4, 11.00 – 11.30

September – TV & Radio
campaign for dark skies 6 th european symposium www britastro org dark skies
Campaign for Dark Skies6th European

Friday 15th – Saturday 16th September (10 a.m. – 5 p.m.)Royal Sailors’ Home Club, Portsmouth

£3.00 per single day, £5.00 both – Pre Booking Essential


Lembit Opik MP, Robert Key MP, Bob Mizon, Alexandra Pollard

Dr. Paul Marchant, Philip Perkins, Dr. Chris Baddiley, Martin Morgan Taylor,Dr John Mason

StandsVenturescope, Green Witch, Springer

Society for Popular Astronomy

Cape Instrument, Astrocruise

the astronomer annual meeting
The Astronomer - Annual Meeting
  • Saturday 23rd September (10 a.m. – 5 p.m.)St.Mary’s Church Hall, Basingstoke
  • £8.50 + £7.00 for optional 3 course meal
  • Programme
    • Amateur astronomers and the Accelerating Universe:
          • - Bob Evans
    • The Universe Unveiled:
    • - Dr.Robin Catchpole
    • OJ287: a slight case of schizophrenia:
    • - Mark Kidger and Gary Poyner
    • The sun in a different light: - Maurice Gavin
    • Goodbye to UBVRI: - Dr. Mark Kidger
    • Early attempts at Spectroscopy: - Brendan Shaw
autumn equinox star party kelling heath 18 th to 28 th september

Saturday 23rd

Reflectors vs Refractors

Ian Morison

Observing Saturn

Ian Phelps

Sunday 24th

Deep Sky

Owen Brazel

CCD Imaging/Registax

Tommi Worton & Martin Stirland

Trade / Society Stands

Altair AstroAstronomicaAstropartsCampaign for Dark SkiesCape Instruments LtdDavid HindsEarth & SkyGreen WitchHouse of OpticsIan King ImagingPulsar OpticalRother Valley OpticsTelescope HouseWidescreen Centre

Autumn Equinox Star PartyKelling Heath : 18th to 28th September
observatory science centre herstmonceux astronomy festival
Observatory Science Centre Herstmonceux Astronomy Festival

Friday 29th September (6.30pm - 11pm)Viewing tours of the telescopes

visits to the Space Geodesy Facility.

Saturday 30th September (10am - 11pm )

5 lectures throughout the day (£2 per lecture) Telescope toursTours around the Space Geodesy Facility Viewing, tours of the telescopes,

visits to the Space Geodesy Facility

Sunday 1st October (10am - 6pm)Family activity workshops, Telescope toursTours around the Space Geodesy Facility

Volunteers needed!

GAS Stand

fas annual convention 30 th september birmingham

Prof. John Brown

(Royal Astronomer for Scotland)

Dr Allan Chapman

(Uni of Oxford)

Dr Somak Raychaudhury (Uni. of Birmingham)

Dr David Whitehouse

(science journalist / BBC)

John Dobson

(The Sidewalk Astronomer)

Trade / Society Stands

Aurora Books

Campaign for Dark Skies


David Bryant - Space Rocks

I R Poyser - Telescope Maker

Spaceguard Thinktank

Society for the History of Astronomy

Society for Popular Astronomy

Opticstar Ltd

FAS Annual Convention30th September, Birmingham

Next Meeting:

Thursday5th October

Observing From The City

Robin Scagell