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The Last Supper of AIG; Acrylic on Canvas

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The Last Supper of AIG; Acrylic on Canvas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Reflecting On My Work.

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Reflecting On My Work

Although we used Acrylic paint for our reinvention project, I feel that I like using oil paint a lot better. However, because of the time it takes, we rarely have a chance to use it. Acrylic is a good substitute, but I feel our project was a little rushed. Usually this kind of painting takes a lot more time, to get everything very complex, in order to make it look good. I don’t think that the reinvention project was my favorite one, though I worked hard on it, but I feel I definitely liked it more than the Dada head project, since I actually knew what I was doing and it wasn’t just random work. Although Acrylic isn’t as easy as oil paint to create texture, I feel I still showed some of it in this painting. I feel that I have full understood how to well use Acrylic, and would like to do better at it. If I could something about this painting, it would be to make it a lot more detailed, like by making the spider web thinner, or adding more texture to the food on the table. But this was a good project all in all, as we were able to reflect on the problems in our world today.

A Still and Silent Look at Fruit; Charcoal on Paper

The Last Supper of AIG; Acrylic on Canvas

This was a project where we used charcoal on paper. This was the first time I’ve ever used charcoal before, and I think it was a good experience. I learned a lot about using charcoal to create texture and shading. At first, I chose this angle because I thought it’d be a lot easier sketch here. But, the further into the project I got, and the more fruits I drew class by class, I started to understand that charcoal drawing is a lot more complex than I thought it would be, and no matter from what angle you’re drawing, it will always be unique and difficult to get it right. This was a complete different experience from the reinvention project, because with color, it’s a lot easier to create value, since you have a lot of shades of the same color to choose from. But with sketches and charcoal, you only have black and white, and it’s harder to make value and separate one thing from another at the same time. The point is, it’s really hard to not make the painting look like a muddle of black and white bits and pieces all squashed together. I feel I liked this project best of all, because I was learning how to do something I’ve never done before.