the last supper
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The Last Supper

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The Last Supper - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Last Supper. Watch the movie. 1. Subtitle “Passover” & write down key words that summarise what the Passover is about. **Why might it make the Jews at the time of Jesus sad but also hopeful to be celebrating this Passover?. To know the events of the Last Supper

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the last supper
The Last Supper

Watch the movie.

1. Subtitle “Passover” & write down key words that summarise what the Passover is about.

**Why might it make the Jews at the time of Jesus sad but also hopeful to be celebrating this Passover?

To know the events of the Last Supper

To understand the significance for the disciples & for Christians.

Jesus changes the meaning of the Passover, by his actions and words at the Last Supper. Jesus made the Passover a new, Christian, celebration of his death & resurrection. This is where the disciples “become Christian”.

Put the events of the Last Supper in order. Then look up Mk 14:12-16 and check.

Complete what happens in each part of the Last Supper / the dialogue, on your table.

Jesus refers to Judas as one who shares food with him. What is so bad about sharing a meal with someone you are going to betray?

**How does Jesus avoid Judas finding out where they are going to be celebrating Passover? Why does he do this?









the last supper1
The Last Supper

Which are the true sentence?

1.Write out the sentences, changing the false ones so that they become true.

**Do you need to receive the Eucharist, if you have been baptised? Why?

The Last Supper was a celebration of the Jewish Passover meal.

Jesus did not let on to his disciples that Judas was going to betray him.

Jesus broke with Jewish tradition, and gave the bread and the wine of Passover a new meaning

Jesus announced he was re-establishing Moses’ Covenant

Jesus’ disciples - including Judas - all became part of this New Covenant, by eating and drinking the bread/ body & wine/ blood.

Christians still celebrate the Passover today at Mass

meaning of the last supper
Meaning of the Last Supper

On your table, identify who each meaning is for (Jesus, his disciples, Catholics, other Christians). Then answer the questions.

What did Jesus foretell about the future, during the Last Supper? (about himself, about Judas, about his own future)

How were the disciples changed by eating the Eucharist?

Why is the Eucharist so important for Catholics today?

How do other Christians see the Eucharist differently?

**Why is the image of a Feast a good symbol of the Kingdom of God?

  • For Jesus & the Disciples
  • For Christians
  • Did Jesus mean to challenge Roman authority, when he entered Jerusalem? Give 2 reasons for, and 2 against.
  • Is it right to spend money on building beautiful churches for the praise of God? Explain, comparing to the story of the Anointing at Bethany.
  • Was Judas really an evil man? Explain your opinion, with 2 detailed reasons, and consider another point of view in your answer.
the entry into Jerusalem: 11: 1–11 Disciples to fetch donkey, cloaks on donkey, crowd of disciples, “Hosanna” (save us) , “coming Kingdom of David”, to Temple

the anointing at Bethany: 14: 1–11 Simon the leper’s house, alabaster jar ointment, pure nard, criticism, she has done a beautiful thing – anointed for day of burial

the Last Supper: 14: 12–25 Preparations (2 disciples follow man with jar), Jesus predicts Judas’ betrayal, bread/ wine given as New Covenant, go out, predicts Peter’s denials

Jesus in Gethsemane: 14: 32–52 Takes 3 disciples to watch, 3 times found sleeping. Distressed: “Father take this cup away”; Judas with Jewish soldiers, Judas kiss, fight, ear cut off, Jesus heals & “put swords away ”, led away, young man runs away naked

the trials before the Jewish council and Pilate: 14: 53–65; 15 1–20 Before Sanhedrin; conflicting false witness statements, accusation “destroy this temple”, Jesus silent then says “Son of Man at the right hand of God”, charge blasphemy. To Pilate for sentencing. Peter challenged & denies knows Jesus as cock crows 2x. Pilate asks if Jesus is king of Jews. Jesus only says “you said so”. Pilate asks crowd to release one prisoner – choose Barabbas. Jesus scourged, mocked then taken to be crucified.

the crucifixion and burial: 15: 21–47 Simon of Cyrene helps to carry. Crucified on Golgotha, refuses wine/myrrh. INRI. Soldiers play dice for clothes. 2 robbers either side. Mocked by all to “save himself”. Darkness, “my God..” forsaken cry. Wine with vinegar. Loud cry last breath. Veil temple torn. Centurion believes. Women at foot of cross. BURIAL: day before Sabbath, Joseph of Arimethea gets permission from Pilate, after confirmation of death. Wraps body linen shroud, new tomb cut out of rock, rolled stone, 2 Maryssaw where.

the empty tomb: 16: 1–8 After Sabbath (Sunday) at dawn women with spices found stone rolled away, young man in white inside, “Jesus is risen, tell disciples to go to Galilee. Trembling and astonished.

the resurrection appearances: 16: 9–2 To Mary Magdalene on the Sunday, who told disciples (didn’t believe), then to 2 disciples out walking. Then to 11 at table, when gives Great Commission to go out and preach/ baptise/ cast out demons/ heal. Jesus taken up to heaven.