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Century herbals .

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Century herbals .

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Century herbals

is an integrated health care system that serves our communities by providing the full range of services from preventive primary care to long term care. We improve our quality of care and further serve the public at large by pursuing our teaching and research missions. True to our heritage, we seek to attract the best people and to be an international leader in fulfilling our missions, We recognize that increasing value and continuously improving quality are essential to maintaining excellence.

To improve the life of people around the world by offering an excellent opportunity for personal and financial growth, providing exceptional earth – friendly. Products and preserving the earths natural resources to ensure a better quality of life for future generations.


Welcome to Wellness Revolution

The wellness philosophy is a mind set consciously chosen to provide the best in health, satisfaction, love, meaning and exuberant living. While the term wellness describes a lifestyle , wellness is also associated with a movement. The wellness movement is evolving, rapidly and we can be glad of it.

As a country and globally the health of humanity is at risk. Its not just our physical health, but we are seeing a deterioration in our mental health .There is recognition of a wellness movement. We are at a time where an industry of wellness professionals is beginning to evolve. These are all promising indicators of a budding industry.

The direct selling industry and profession offers the most level playing field of any carrier opportunity meaning that every one has and equal opportunity to and earn The highest possible income. Unlike many other carrier or profession, the only Limitations in this business are self imposed. Network marketing sales is truly an equal self employment opportunity. People all over the world with different background have achieved their goals and dreams through the network marketing sales business.



Products Resource

Century herbals upholds its vision and mission by providing the best quality products for the people. We took the support of team of experienced hands who have been working in herbals fields for decades from all over India.

One of the prominent Mr. Radheshyamshukla who has been awarded by C.M.(M.P.) In 2001, for his excellence work for the mankind. On special request of M.P. govt. Radheshyamshukla has been in charge of Biological garden to conserve the herbal plants.

We ensure that our products are result oriented, Our Products Resource Advisory Board is committed to serve you the best.



  • 1 joining = 1 Sale
  • 1 Sale = 100 point
  • 1 joining + kit = Rs. 3699.00

When you purchase

Your Business pack after


Your distributorship

a/c is Activated



To qualify for commissionsit is mandatory tosponsor 2 distributors i.e., one on left side (1st team) & the other on right side (2nd team)



Each and every Products come

with individual Pv (Business point value)

Selling Products

  • Nature DiabBottle (60cap.) = Rs. 799/-
  • Nature pills (60cap.) = Rs. 799/-
  • Nature Power (60cap.) = Rs. 799/-
  • Nature Immune (60cap.) = Rs. 799/-

Selling below the MRP will attract disciplinary


Your Income

  • Retail Profit from each and every

Products vary between 15% to 25%.

      • Team Sales Commission : As per the

Dynamic Marketing Plan



Commissions are paidonly on sale of Century herbals products & not based on people joining.

When a distributor makes a repurchase through own ID, it is counted as sales & is counted for commission payouts

All repurchases of Century herbals products by a distributor will be counted for own sales & also will be counted for all the qualified up line distributors.



You can sponsor any number of Distributers in your 1st and 2nd sales Teams

All Additional personal sponsorships after first Two (joining or spillovers)through your ID will be placedin the next available position,either on extreme left (1st team)or extreme right (2nd team)


Take care while selecting the team(1st or 2nd) at thetime of making online entry. It cannot be changedonce the ID is activated

Once an ID is qualified,there are two types of Income Binary Income – First Pair 1:2 Or 2:1= 400 Deep down Unlimited Depth 1:1 Weekly capping 60,000 Rs .

Repurchase Income

Right 100 sales Pv & Left 100 sales Pv = 1 Repurchase Pair, 1 Pair = 400 Rs. Weekly capping 60,000/- Rs.



Promotion is purely sales oriented of binary plan. There are 7 levels of promotion.

1. TEAM LEADERS– 10 Pair .

2.MANAGER-3 Team Leaders (1:2/ 2:1)

3.Sr. MANAGER–5 Managers (2:3/3:2)

4.SILVER– 7 Sr. Managers (3:4/4:3)

5.GOLD– 9 Silvers (4:5/5:4)

6.DIAMOND– 9 Gold's (4:5/5:4)

7.RUBY-9 Diamonds (4:5/5:4).


From each Payout,Tax shall be deductedas per the Indian law,along with handling charges.

Thecommission for salesactivated during the week are paid every Friday of the Week.



1. Sr. MANAGER- 3%

2. SILVER- 5%

3. GOLD-7%


5. RUBY-11%

NOTE- Royalty is based on difference of percent


All payments to be made only to the Company or the DSPs. Make it a point to collectthe invoice from the DSP / Company while makingpayment & taking the products

Ensure that the DSP / Company draws the invoice in the proper serial order when group purchases are made.

Do not disclose your Personal Information Details to anybody; Not even to the DSPs where you are making purchases




MANAGER- Domestic tour package & 4,000 Rs./ Monthly up to 6 Months*

Sr. MANAGER– 10,000 Rs./ Monthly Up to 10 Months

SILVER– 30,000 Rs./Monthly Up to 15 Months

GOLD– 1,00,000 Rs./Monthly Up to 28 Months

DIAMOND - 2,00,000 Rs./Monthly Up to 54 Months

RUBY - 1% Total company's turnover

Rewards * - One manager every 2 Months (Sr. Manager) , one Sr. Manager every 2.5 Months (Silver), One Silver every 3 Months(Gold) , One Gold every 4 Months(Diamond) , One Diamond every 9 Months(Ruby) , Equally divided among all R buys'.


It is important thatthe online registration and / or product purchase confirmation is done & printouts takenbefore visiting a DSP

To access your distributorship on the website you must have your distributor confidential details. They are Name , User ID , User Name Password

Rely only the official information given on the website

All the relevant information about your business is available at the website