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About the Company …. Penta Infosoft Pvt.Ltd. Located at IET Group of colleges- Alwar. “It sponsored training On all the courses like JAVA, .NET , PHP, Verilog, Oracle etc for Engineering students.”. Agenda . Introductions What is .Net? .Net Framework Advantages of .Net

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Penta infosoft pvt ltd

About the Company…..

Penta InfosoftPvt.Ltd

Located at IET Group of colleges-Alwar

“It sponsored training On all the courses like JAVA, .NET, PHP, Verilog, Oracle etc for Engineering students.”


  • Introductions

  • What is .Net?

  • .Net Framework

  • Advantages of .Net

  • Advantages of CLR

  • Visual Studio 2005

  • .Net Languages

  • C# vs. VB.Net

  • Resources

What is net
What is .Net?

  • New programming methodology

    • Multiple Languages (VB.Net, C#, J#, Cobol.Net, etc.)

    • JIT Compiler

  • Primary Parts:

    • .Net Framework

    • Common Language Runtime (CLR)

  • RTM:

    • 2002 (v1.0)

    • 2003 (v1.1)

    • 2005 (v2.0)

Introduction to c
Introduction to C#

  • >> C# is an object-oriented programming language designed for building applications that run on the .NET Framework>> C# is pure object oriented language like Java.>> It was developed by M.S. Corp., USA in 2000.>> the #( hash symbol) in musical notations is used to refer to a sharp note and is called “Sharp”, thus C# is pronounced as “C sharp”.>> The designers of C# was Anders Hejlsberg

Penta infosoft pvt ltd

.>>.NET Framework is a safe type environment for Application development and code execution. It full fill all the aspect of program execution.>> It is an environment for building, deploying, running web services and other applications>>To make the developer experience consistent across widely varying types of applications, such as Windows-based applications and Web-based applications.

.NET Framework

Penta infosoft pvt ltd

The .NET Framework consists three main components. > Common Language Runtime (CLR) > The .NET Framework Base Classes > The user interface

Component of .NET Framework

Simple modern object oriented modular powerful flexible popular

Some Key Feature of C#.Net

> Simple > Modern > Object oriented > Modular > Powerful & Flexible > Popular

Penta infosoft pvt ltd

Application of C#.Net

> Console applications> Windows Applications> Developing windows controls> Developing ASP.NET projects> Creating web controls> Creating web services

Advantages of net
Advantages of .Net

  • Write once, run everywhere

  • Multiple programming languages (20+)

  • Coding Reduction

    • Controls

    • Template projects

    • IIS/Cassini support

  • Ease of Deployment

  • Security Features

    • Evidence-based security

    • Code access security

    • The verification process

    • Role-based security

    • Cryptography

    • Application domains

Visual studio 2005
Visual Studio 2005

  • IDE for .Net development

  • Dotfuscator encryption tools

  • Cassini (IIS)

  • Application Testing Center

  • Team Suite for project management

  • Express versions (free)

  • VB6 to VB.Net conversion wizard

Net framework

Net programming languages
.Net Programming Languages

  • Visual Basic.Net

  • C#

  • APL

  • Fortran

  • Pascal

  • C++

  • Haskell

  • Perl

  • Java Language

  • Python


  • Microsoft JScript

  • RPG

  • Component Pascal

  • Mercury

  • Scheme

  • Curriculum

  • Mondrian

  • SmallTalk

  • Eiffel

  • Oberon

  • Standard ML

  • Forth

  • Oz

C vs vb net
C# vs. VB.Net

Differences lie in:

  • Syntax

  • Object Oriented Features

  • Visual Studio. Net IDE

C vs vb net1
C# vs. VB.Net

  • C#

  • No Auto Case adjust

  • Requires “{, }, ;”

  • Enforces programming rules.

  • Unsafe Blocks

  • Documentation Comments

  • Operator Overloading


  • Auto case adjust

  • No line terminators

  • Requires “Begin, End”

  • Still intended as RAD tool.

  • Allows late binding

C vs vb net2
C# vs. VB.Net


class App


static void Main(string [ ] args)



foreach (string arg in args)


System.Console.WriteLine(“Counter:” + intCounter.ToString() + “=“ + arg);

} //end of foreach

} //end of Main()

} //end of App{}


Class App

Shared Sub Main(ByValargs as String( ) )

Dim arg as String

Dim intCounter as Integer

For Each arg in args

System.Console.Writeline(“Counter: ” & intCounter & “=“ & arg)

Next ‘For Each loop

End Sub ‘end of Main()

End Class ‘end of App{}

C vb net myths
C#/VB.Net Myths

  • VB.Net is intended for use with Microsoft Office.

  • C# is the latest release of C++.

  • C# is easier to learn than VB.Net.

  • To learn C#, one should first learn C++.

  • C# is more advanced than VB.Net

  • C# runs faster than VB.Net

Penta infosoft pvt ltd

Introduction to Project

> Metro route System is used to find out the route between source to destination.> user can also see the fare between two stations. > user can also see the whole map at one time.

Penta infosoft pvt ltd


platform Used -: window xp or higher versionLanguage Used -: C# (.net) Database Used -: Microsoft Sql Server Processor -: 456 MHz or above Ram -: 128 MB

  • Software Requirements

  • Hardware Requirements

Penta infosoft pvt ltd

User operation

Check fare -: A user can check the fare.Check route -:User can also check the route of the train. Check map-: User can check the map of the whole metro system.


  • User can check routes and fare.

  • Very beneficial.

  • Easy to use.

Penta infosoft pvt ltd