la l gende de poucette n.
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La légende de «  PouCette  » PowerPoint Presentation
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La légende de «  PouCette  »

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La légende de «  PouCette  » - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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La légende de «  PouCette  »
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  1. La légende de « PouCette » • «Poucette » legend • a guadeloupean folk tale • Pictures from class 2 a ,2 b • French texts from class 2 a • English texts by Caroline HENRY

  2. Once upon a time in a small village,of Guadeloupe,two Indian tribes were fighting : The Arawaks and the Caribbeans .One day , the Arawaks plotted on a attack on a Carribean camp and burned their dugouts ( boats ).The Carribbeans were furious and seeked revenge .They killed many Arawaks in a violent war.The chief of Arawaks named « Pou » fled with his girlfriend named «Cette» and some of their friends .

  3. The Arawaks burned the Caribbeans dugouts

  4. They took refuge in a valley .But while they fled , Pou was hit by a poisonned arrow . • He found a hide-out where he could wait for his friends to come back for him . • Cette didn ‘t want to leave him alone and cried bitterly .Pou tried to console her . • «  Don’t cry my love , don’t cry because this place is filled with magics – if you should cry ….

  5. They took refuge in a valley

  6. Don’t cry my love , because this place is filled with magics …

  7. What will happen to «  Cette » if she cries? • Dear friends , try to imagine the end of the story.

  8. La Légende de Poucette • A part of the story in french • Il était une fois dans un petit village de Guadeloupe , deux tribus se battaient : les Arawaks et les Caraïbes . • Les Arawaks brûlèrent les pirogues des Caraïbes. Ceux -ci se vengèrent et tuèrent beaucoup de Arawaks dans une guerre violente .

  9. Poucette legend (the end) Don’t cry ,my love, don’t cry, because this place is filled with magics., If you should cry…. ,I’ll become a tear said he. But she carried on crying.

  10. Their friends left with Cette. Pou stayed alone.. But the next day, when Cette came back to the place, there was nobody but a spring. Cette went on weeping .Her eyes all bathed in tears. About 12 o ‘clock , as she was alone, she saws her fiance looking at her in the spring.

  11. She dived into the water . Since that time they live happily in the bottom of the spring. In memory of Pou and Cette this spring was called Poucet.(from Pou and Cette ) So,if you go there at noon or at midnight, with somebody you are in love with,look at the bottom of the water! Perhaps you’ll see Pou and Cette.

  12. In the spring of Poucet you can see freshwater fishes, water lilies, crayfishes,mangrove and other trees. Look at the photos!

  13. Guadeloupe : spring of Poucet

  14. mangrove tree Guadeloupe: spring of Poucet