a focus on evidence
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A focus on Evidence

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A focus on Evidence - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A focus on Evidence. T. I.E .E. Definition of Evidence. To persuade the reader using… Anecdotes Specific Examples Definitions Vivid Descriptions Expert Opinions Statistics and facts. .

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definition of evidence
Definition of Evidence

To persuade the reader using…

  • Anecdotes
  • Specific Examples
  • Definitions
  • Vivid Descriptions
  • Expert Opinions
  • Statistics and facts.
ANECDOTES - An anecdote is a short narrative inserted into an essay that develops an idea or argument. This sounds like. . .

Once, when I was in middle school, the kids would

always. . .

Hey, I remember the time when I had to carry my . . .

persuade your reader with an anecdote
Persuade your reader with an Anecdote!

Mrs. Bacca, baseball teaches great character.

______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ My coach’s words have helped me in the classroom, too!

your turn
Your Turn!

Add an anecdote to the following paragraph:

Esteemed members of the Board of Education, a playground at American Prep Academy will improve the health of the students.

SPECIFIC EXAMPLES -- provide more specific information about an idea. This sounds like…

We had a barrage of different weather last week: hail, rain, snow, and sunshine.

My brother always seems to pick on me. For instance, he hides my soccer shoes before a game.

The cats were all acting like they were crazy. For example, one jumped at me with all …

persuade your reader with a specific example
Persuade your reader with a Specific Example!

The game of golf does not discriminate against age. People of any age can go out and play a round of golf whenever they want; this is not true of most sports: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________. Golf is a sound investment that will last you a lifetime.

your turn1
Your Turn!

Add a Specific Example to the following paragraph:

Secondly, Mom, in addition to saving money, carpooling will benefit the environment.

DEFINITIONS -- are restatements of an unfamiliar word or phrase to tell what it means. This sounds like…

Mrs. Bacca, the bullying problem at our school is in direct violation of the Ambassador Program. The Ambassador Program is a system of ethics and character with which we try to live by at American Preparatory Academy. It represents f respect, enthusiasm, achievement, citizenship, and hard work. Respect is very much in danger.

persuade your reader with definitions
Persuade your reader with Definitions

One of the best programs at our school is something called Winterim.


your turn2
Your Turn!

Add a definition to the following paragraph.

Mrs. Bacca, Free Jean Day provides an in-valuable incentive to achieve at our school.

STATISTICS and FACTS -- are the numbers (data) and information that help support your idea or argument.
  • Provide the credentials or source to establish credibility.

Mom, did you know, according to a poll in Times Magazine, 98% of all parents surveyed said they let their child stay up until 1:00 AM on the weekends?

A recent article in the World Medicine Journal said that kids who smoke at an early ageare prone to heart attacks later in life.

persuade your reader with facts and statistics
Persuade your reader with Facts and Statistics.

Another craze to sweep America was the low-carbdiet.________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.

your turn3
Your Turn!

Add a fact or statistic to the following paragraph:

Mom, I think that it is time to sell your stock; the money you will be making is well worth it.

EXPERT OPINION-- are quotes an expert says that can help support your idea or argument.
  • Provide the credentials or source to establish credibility.

Dr. Stein, a five-year veterinarian from the animal shelter, agreed when she said,

“Vaccinating cats and dogs against parasites is the single best gift a pet owner can give.”

persuade your reader with expert opinions
Persuade your reader with Expert Opinions

Another reason to graduate from high school is that even technical jobs require a diploma. Jared Turner from Best Performance Welding magazinestates, “________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.”

your turn4
Your Turn!

Add an expert opinion to the following paragraph:

Mom, you should wear your seatbelt so you don’t get hurt.

VIVID DESCRIPTIONS --are ways to create vivid images for the reader.

The sound of my phone cut through the silent class, and

I anxiously dug into my backpack to grab it before Mrs. Bacca,

the writing teacher, noticed. Pawing through

Chapstick, lipstick, gum wrappers, and rubber hair wraps,

my hand darted around the deep pockets of my khaki pants.

Must shut off ringer, I thought.

persuade your reader with vivid descriptions
Persuade your reader with Vivid Descriptions

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________and then I hear it: “Someone has stolen my phone.”

your turn5
Your Turn!

Add a vivid description to the following paragraph:

Mr. Sheneman, the foremost reason the new American Prep should have a pool is the joy it will generate for the students.