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Program Review 2010

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Program Review 2010

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  1. Business Computing Program Review 2010 Tomorrow’s College Today.

  2. Overview • Secretarial Science • Office Automation Careers • Computer Applications • Business Computing 34 years – From Secretarial Science to Business Computing Tomorrow’s College Today.

  3. Overview • Classroom • Television • Spring 1996 • “Using the Internet” • 1996 – 1998 • “Excel” • “Windows 95” • ‘Multimedia” • “Web Page Design” Delivery Modalities Tomorrow’s College Today.

  4. Overview • Internet • Spring 1998 • “Internet for Educators” • Fall 1998 • “Introduction to Multimedia” • 1999 – 2002 • “Excel” • “Web Page Design” • “Word” • “PowerPoint” • “Corporate Web Manager” Delivery Modalities Tomorrow’s College Today.

  5. Overview In a typical semester, online and hybrid course offerings account for more than 75% of the program’s offerings. Delivery Modalities Tomorrow’s College Today.

  6. Overview The Doldrums Tomorrow’s College Today.

  7. Overview The Doldrums Tomorrow’s College Today.

  8. Overview • Dr. Joumana McGowan – 2007 • Dean of Career and Technical Education • Faculty & Staff Energized Rebirth Tomorrow’s College Today.

  9. Overview 2X Rebirth Tomorrow’s College Today.

  10. Certificates • Administrative Professional • General Office Manager • Financial Assistant • Financial Manager • Administrative Manager Certificates of Achievement Tomorrow’s College Today.

  11. Certificates • Medical Administrative Office Technician • General Office Assistant • Coding Specialist Certificates of Accomplishment Tomorrow’s College Today.

  12. Curriculum Student Learning Outcomes Teaching Modalities 49CreditCourses Course Content Curriculum Review Tomorrow’s College Today.

  13. Need • The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reports continued growth in office-related occupations. • Professional, scientific, and technical services • Health care and social assistance • Administrative and support services Job Growth Tomorrow’s College Today.

  14. Need 81.3% of BC/CIS & DGA students surveyed indicate their primary area of interest is in Business Computer Applications. Student Wishes Tomorrow’s College Today.

  15. Student Satisfaction Over 91% of students are satisfied or very satisfied with the relevance of classes to their academic or vocational needs. Relevance of Classes Tomorrow’s College Today.

  16. Student Satisfaction Over 92% of students are satisfied or very satisfied with the relevance of assignments and exams to the course material they are studying. Relevance of Assignments and Exams Tomorrow’s College Today.

  17. Faculty Satisfaction 100% of faculty report they are satisfied or very satisfied with the adequacy of instructional facilities. Over 92% of faculty report they are satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of general instructional equipment. Facilities and Equipment Tomorrow’s College Today.

  18. Faculty Satisfaction 100% of faculty report they are satisfied or very satisfied with the support they get from their Dean and support staff. 100% of faculty report they are satisfied or very satisfied with the support they get from their Department Chair. Support Tomorrow’s College Today.

  19. Faculty Satisfaction 100% of faculty report they are satisfied or very satisfied with the support they get from the Distance Learning Department in meeting their needs as Distance Learning instructors. Support Tomorrow’s College Today.

  20. Faculty Satisfaction Over 84% of faculty report they are satisfied or very satisfied with the extent to which Seaport tools and options allow them to teach the way they want to. Seaport Tomorrow’s College Today.

  21. Partnerships Faculty are actively involved in the California Statewide Business/Industry Collaborative (BESAC). BESAC Tomorrow’s College Today.

  22. Partnerships Faculty and local business participated in Coastline’s first Career Expo at the Garden Grove Center on April 22, 2009. Career Expo Tomorrow’s College Today.

  23. Partnerships Faculty have collaborated with staff and business leaders in developing grants, publicity opportunities, training opportunities and in working to gain an advantage for our students. Misc. Tomorrow’s College Today.

  24. Partnerships Faculty are in the process of revitalizing the Professional Advisory Committee. With a objective of reaching out to diverse, motivated, and high-quality business and industry leaders, our goal is to create a close relationship with these leaders. Professional Advisory Committee Tomorrow’s College Today.

  25. Professional Development • Faculty report taking part in numerous opportunities for professional development. • All-College Meetings • Summer Technology Institute • Professional Conferences • Professional Training and Certification • Professional Association Memberships • Workshops Faculty Growth Tomorrow’s College Today.

  26. Professional Development • Faculty identified additional opportunities that they would like to participate in. • Previews of and training in new software versions • Instruction on use of technology tools • Additional SLO training • Basic programming and web application training • Workshops to enhance teaching skills • Additional faculty meetings Faculty Growth Tomorrow’s College Today.

  27. Professional Development Faculty are actively involved in many committees: • Distance Learning Committee • Leadership Taskforce • Security Taskforce • Career and Technical Education Committee • Program Review Steering Committee • Institutional Effectiveness/Accreditation • Academic Senate • Foundation • Grant Team • BESAC • Adobe Educational Leader Program Committees Tomorrow’s College Today.

  28. Professional Development • Awards or grants received by Business Computing faculty have included: • National Science Foundation Grant • Classified Council Educational Advancement Award • Master Plan Initiative Grants • Technology Demonstration Grants • Sabbaticals and/or Stipends = Instructional and Demonstration Projects Awards and Grants Tomorrow’s College Today.

  29. Quantitative Elements FTE’s Tomorrow’s College Today.

  30. Quantitative Elements Site-Based vs. Distance Learning FTE’s Tomorrow’s College Today.

  31. Quantitative Elements Productivity Tomorrow’s College Today.

  32. Quantitative Elements Student Age Tomorrow’s College Today.

  33. Quantitative Elements Student Ethnicity Tomorrow’s College Today.

  34. Cost Data Salary’s vs. Revenue Tomorrow’s College Today.

  35. Cost Data The Career and Technical Education Division uses VTEA funds to cover equipment and other program costs. For 2009-10, almost $40,000 in VTEA money was used to support the Business Computing Program. Vocational Technical Education Act (VTEA) Tomorrow’s College Today.

  36. Goals Our value as a program lies in our faculty and in the courses and certificates we offer. Although college policy calls for vocational courses to be reviewed very two years, the technology changes in BC require ongoing evaluation. 2 Important Considerations Tomorrow’s College Today.

  37. Goals • Develop strong, involved part-time and full-time instructors. • Involve faculty in course and certificate development. • Involve faculty in keeping courses and certificates current. • Involve faculty in department development, including grants, fund raising, marketing, identification of priorities, and community outreach. • Involve faculty in personal development, including the Summer Technology Institute, committee assignments, college activities, and other professional development opportunities. 2010 - 2015 Tomorrow’s College Today.

  38. Goals • Promote and develop appropriate certificate programs. • Examine each certificate program for value. • Examine the future job market for potential certificate programs. • Develop marketing material to promote our certificate programs. 2010 - 2015 Tomorrow’s College Today.

  39. Goals • Develop and maintain strong, current courses. • As a team, examine each course annually, evaluating the course’s value in the overall educational plan and updating courses as needed to ensure the currency and vitality of the curriculum. • Encourage the development of new courses where appropriate. 2010 - 2015 Tomorrow’s College Today.

  40. Goals • Begin publishing a new Business Computing Department newsletter. • Use improved communication within the Business Computing Department as a catalyst to bring all faculty together in common goals. • Facilitate the improvement and enhancement of the entire Business Computing Department. 2010 - 2015 Tomorrow’s College Today.

  41. Goals • Establish a vital, involved professional advisory committee and regularly survey the business community to assess the quality of our programs. • Establish virtual meetings where busy business leaders, faculty, administrators, and staff can come together to discuss the needs of today’s students, using virtual meeting technology such as CCCConfer to facilitate communication and overcome obstacles of bringing leaders together. • Create opportunities and methods to acknowledge Advisory Committee members to promote their desire to participate. 2010 - 2015 Tomorrow’s College Today.

  42. Goals • Aggressively and consistently market the Business Computing Program. • Review the current Business Computing Program brochure at least as often as the certificates and courses are evaluated. • Consider creating brochures specifically targeted towards our underserved student population. • Provide staffing to all college outreach efforts. 2010 - 2015 Tomorrow’s College Today.

  43. Tomorrow’s College Today.