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  1. Procedures

  2. Main Office • Principal – Mr. McAninch • Assistant Principals – Ms. Hunt Ms. Powell Mr. White Mr. Baker (intern) • Financial Secretary – Ms. Stiller • Front Office Secretaries – Ms. Burris, Ms. Maggio • Nurse – 1 day/week – Ms. Brooks

  3. Main Office - Discipline • Principal – Mr. McAninch - seniors • Assistant Principals – • Ms. Hunt – A-G • Mr. White – H-O • Ms. Powell – P-Z

  4. Main Office • Discipline • Check-in/Check-out • Phone Messages for teachers • Contact for students • Drop off books, etc. – students will not be called to the office

  5. Attendance policy Students should return to school after an absence with a note from their parent/guardian that contains the following information. These notes are kept on file for legal attendance purposes. • Printed full legal name of student and student number • Printed and signed name of parent/guardian • Date(s) of absence • Reason for absence (If no reason is stated, student will be unexcused) • Students must bring notes for absences to the Main Office within 3 days in order to be excused.

  6. Check-in, Check-out(cont.) • Excuses should be received in written form or in person by the student’s parent/guardian. • Absences and Tardies will only be marked as excused if they are in accordance with School Board Policy (AR 5110) • 1. Illness or injury • 2. Quarantine • 3. Death in the immediate family • 4. Medical or dental appointments • 5. Court or administrative proceedings • 6. Religious observances • 7. Educational opportunity

  7. Attendance policy(cont.) • Administrative F’s will be given to students who miss more than five (5) days (excused or unexcused) per quarter. • Prior to the end of the grading period, the parent/student will receive a letter to arrange a meeting with the Attendance Committee. During this meeting documentation must be presented as defined by Board Policy to the committee. • A student who misses one half of a class period will be counted absent from that class period. Once arriving on campus, a student cannot leave without parental permission which is in the form of a written note, regardless of age and without signing out in the main office. • In order to participate in any after-school activity, a student must be in school for at least 51% of the day. Students must sign in before 12:16 and sign out after 12:18 to receive credit for the day.

  8. Attendance policy(cont.) • Tardies to School • A student who arrives late to school without a legitimate note excusing his/her late arrival or who arrives late to any class during the day will be subject to the tardy policy. Either the tardy sweeper or the classroom teacher will issue tardy detention slips. If a student arrives to school after 8:55 a.m. or arrives late from Career Center, he/she must sign in at the main office. The same rules apply when signing in to the main office as for any other late arrival to school. • The following are consequences for being tardy: • 1st tardy: Written warning (tardy slip) 5thtardy: Saturday School • 2nd tardy: After school detention 6thtardy: Saturday School • 3rdtardy: After school detention 7thtardy or more: Out of School Suspension • 4th tardy: After school detention 10thtardy counts as an absence

  9. Lunch policy • The WSFC schools have closed campuses, including West Forsyth; students may not leave campus at lunch nor may they receive lunch guests. Students may buy lunch in the cafeteria or bring lunch. Students are only permitted in and may eat food in designated areas: • The cafeteria and cafeteria annex • The West Wing (picnic area) • The 500/600 building breezeways • The Titan Terrace • Students may use the library/media center during lunch, but may not eat in that area. All other buildings/areas are off limits and students found in these off-limit areas are subject to disciplinary actions.

  10. Check-in, Check-out • A student of any age who needs to leave school during the school day for any reason must do so with a note from their parent/guardian. Notes to leave early should be turned in to the Main Office first thing in the morning. The note must be dated and have the full name of the student, the student’s ID number, the time that the student is to leave, and a parent/guardian signature with a telephone number where the parent/guardian may be reached for confirmation of the note. • Remember, all students must sign out in the Main Office. Failure to do so will be treated with the same consequences as skipping school.

  11. Guidance • Counselors: • A – B : Ms. Zimmerman • C – Fr : Ms. Freidinger • Fs – J : Ms. Downs • K – Mo : Ms. Winchester • Mp – Sh : Ms. Widle • Si – Z : Mr. Youngman Guidance Secretary:Ms. Worley Registrar: Ms. Howe Data Manager: Ms. Sgroi

  12. Guidance • The Guidance Department has six counselors • to assist students in meeting both their personal and academic needs. • are available to work with classes, small groups and • individuals in a variety of areas including • registration for appropriate classes, • career exploration, • standardized tests and • their interpretation, college admissions and financial aid, • counseling for personal concerns or problems, and referral to community agencies for other services. • should the need arise to have a group meeting with all teachers of an individual student, counselors may assist with this process.

  13. Guidance(cont.) • Long term absences: • will assist in notifying teachers of absences 3 days or longer and • assist with Homebound Services. • Through coordination with the student’s teachers, assignments may be collected from the guidance office. • Family emergency notification to teachers: • Guidance office staff will help with notification of sensitive topics to a student’s teachers.

  14. Car Line • Areas for Drop-Off and Pick-Up: • 1st option: Student Lot 1 (side parking lot) • 2 lines; • please move forward after dropping off or picking up student NO Drop offs or Pick-ups in Student Lots 2 & 3 • 2nd Option Teacher Lot (front parking lot) • Right side is for drop off and pick-up; • Left lane is for thru traffic only • Drop offs and pick-ups should only occur in front of the Main Office; no side lot drop offs or pick-ups